標題 作者 大小(MB) 語言
Institutions and Social Mobilization: The Chinese Education Movement in Malaysia, 1951-2011 Ang Ming Chee 20.3 eng
Royal Capitalism: Wealth, Class, and Monarchy in Thailand Puangchon Unchanam 23.8 eng
走在文化心靈之旅的道路上:三位馬來西亞第二代華人的生命歷程與文化認同之敘說 賴麗萍 3.2 zho
Berani Menang - Panduan Persediaan Pilihan Raya Democratic Action Party 14.2 msa
தமிழ் மொழி Democratic Action Party 15.3 oth
有勇有谋- 民主行动党选战攻略 民主行动党 10.8 zho
Malaysian Environment in Crisis Sahabat Alam Malaysia 54.8 eng
Abuse of Women in the Media Consumers Association Penang 47.7 eng
What TV does to our children Consumers Association Penang 20.5 eng
從「救救白小」運動看 「烈火莫熄」改革運動的衝擊 譚貞潔 0.9 zho
反離散 史書美 14.6 zho
Golden Dragon and Purple Phoenix: The Chinese and Their Multi-Ethnic Descendants in Southeast Asia Lee Khoon Choy 18.2 eng
風雲五十年馬來西亞政黨政治 孫和聲、唐南發 15.5 zho
歷史眞相探索 劉江編撰 180.8 zho
回憶一九九〇年和平談判 盧友愛 114.2 zho
美里省左翼運動史事 蔡宗祥 111.2 zho
Alternate Identities : The Chinese of Contemporary Thailand Chee Kiong Tong, Kwok B. Chan 10.9 eng
馬國華人與民主演變:族群政治建構出的群體意識 利亮時、彭婉菁 2.2 zho
「馬來西亞民主轉型」專號導言 吳鯤魯 2.2 zho
Worker and trade union rights in BN-ruled Malaysia Charles Hector 0.2 eng
MODUL PEMBELAJARAN LITERASI MEDIA & INFORMASI Hasrul Hashim, Nurul Akqmie Badrul Hisham, Sabariah Mohamed Salleh 3.6 msa
MEN IN WHITE: The Untoold Story of Singapore's Ruling Political Party Sonny Yap 36.8 eng
Sacred Tensions: Modernity and Religious Transformation in Malaysia Raymond L. M. Lee & Susan E. Ackerman 1.6 eng
In Conversation with Dr. Raymond Lee Yeoh Seng Guan 0.1 eng
New Perspectives and Research on Malaysian History Cheah Boon Kheng (Ed) 1.5 eng
From PKI to the Comintern, 1924–1941: The Apprenticeship of the Malayan Communist Party Cheah Boon Kheng 6.1 eng
Contested Colonial Metrological Sovereignty: The daching riot and the regulation of weights and measures in British Malaya POR HEONG HONG & TAN MIAU ING 0.3 eng
The New Malay: His Role and Future Syed Hussein Alatas 25.4 eng
Islam without Extremes - A Muslim Case for Liberty Mustafa Akyol 2.0 eng
马来西亚民权运动 柯嘉逊 76.8 zho
Creating Laos - The Making of a Lao Space between Indochina and Siam, 1860 – 1945 Søren Ivarsson 10.0 eng
When Penang and the Dindings were One Luke Ng 1.4 eng
全球化脈絡下東南亞五旬節派教會的跨界與移動:印尼伯特利教會(Gereja Bethel Indonesia)及其在臺發展 葉先秦 2.2 zho
馬來西亞華人基督徒的主體性與身份認同:反思「華人教會」定義與指稱的適切性 葉先秦 21.4 zho
Chinese Politics in Sarawak: A Study of the Sarawak United People's Party Chin Ung-Ho 23.2
Languages in the Malaysian Education System: Monolingual strands in multilingual settings Asmah Haji Omar 1.2 eng
Identity Politics and Elections in Malaysia and Indonesia: Ethnic Engineering in Borneo Karolina Prasad 2.3 eng
The Hashtag Game: Disrupting Dissent during the Bersih 4 Protest Nurul Azreen Azlan 2.1 eng
A Critical History of Internet Activism and Social Protest in Malaysia, 1998-2011 John Postill 0.2 eng
馬哈迪時期馬來西亞的選舉制度與政黨政治(1981-2003) 李宗儒 1.5 zho
Malaysia’s 14th General Election and UMNO’s Fall Intra-Elite Feuding and the Pursuit of Power Edmund Terence Gomez, Mohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman 4.3 eng
戰前臺灣人英屬北婆羅洲移民史 鍾淑敏 1.9 zho
Cause and Consequence in Public Policy Theory: Ethnic Policy and System Transformation in Malaysia Donald L. Horowitz 2.6 eng
Electoral System Design: The New International IDEA Handbook Andrew Reynolds 2.9 eng
Malaysian Electoral Reform – Three Proposals A Report for the Southeast Asia Rules-Based Order Project Benjamin Reilly 0.7 eng
The City in the Village: The In-situ Urbanization of Villages, Villagers, and Their Land Around Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Zaharah Mahmud 0.8 eng
Houses in Motion: The Experience of Place and the Problem of Belief in Urban Malaysia Richard Baxstrom 2.3 eng
Urban Squatting and Migration in Peninsular Malaysia Michael Johnstone 0.8 eng
Urban Squatters in Peninsular Malaysia: A Marginal Workforce or a Third World Proletariat? Michael Johnstone 1.1 eng
The Evolution of Squatter Settlements in Peninsular Malaysian Cities Michael Johnstone 1.0 eng
Housing Policy and the Urban Poor in Peninsular Malaysia Michael Johnstone 3.6 eng
Sosiologi Desa dan Pengajian Masyarakat Tani Wan Hashim Wan Teh 11.0 msa
Malay peasants and proletarian consciousness Zawawi Ibrahim 3.3 eng
Revitalizing the Malaysian Trade Union Movement: The Case of the Electronics Industry Peter Wad 0.2 eng
The Labour Movement and Party Politics in Malaysia Ahn Taejoon 1.4 eng
Why Is It Difficult to Organise Around Class in Malaysia New Naratif, Audi Ali, Amita Sevellaraja 0.8 eng
Gender, Diversity and Trade Unions: International Perspectives (Studies in Employment Relations) Fiona Colgan 1.3 2001
The Origins of Malay Nationalism William R. Roff 47.2 eng
Islamization And Activism In Malaysia Julian C. H. Lee 76.3 eng
Student Activism in Malaysia: Crucible, Mirror, Sideshow Meredith Leigh Weiss 17.1 eng
Malaysian NGOs: History, legal framework and characteristics Meredith L. Weiss 0.1 eng
總論-共業:我們為何在此,能往何去? 黃進發 1.4 zho
第二章:大馬政體的形成、演變及其政治神話的建立 祝家華 17.8 zho
最后的共产党人 嘉蔚 0.5 zho
共業:我們能否擺脫被巫統統治的宿命 黃進發 10.5 zho
The Rise, Resilience and Demise of Malaysia’s Dominant Coalition Chin-Huat Wong 1.4 eng
Making Sense of Malaysia Donna J. Amoroso 0.0 eng
Bangladesh Karunangshu Barua 104.9 eng
Internet Addiction in Malaysia Causes and Effects Ashish Kapahi, Choo Siow Ling, Sureswaran Ramadass, Nibras Abdullah 0.3 eng
THE 13TH MAY 1969 RACIAL RIOTS The True and Fair View Jebat Must Die 3.9 eng
The Alien Communal Patron Deity: A comparative study of the Datuk Gong worship among Chinese communities in Malaysia Wang Zhaoyuan , Danny Wong Tze Ken & Welyne Jeffrey Jehom 3.0 eng
從神殿、英靈到蟻丘: 沙巴拿督公信仰的多樣實踐 吳佳翰 3.6 zho
May 13: Declassified Documents on the Malaysian Riots of 1969 Kua Kia Soong 6.5 eng
公民可以差異而平等嗎?馬來西亞的69年糾結 黃進發 1.5 zho
分歧的社會正義觀?馬華巫族群的「平等」、「公正」論述與權利爭奪 許德發 2.0 zho
Statistik Pekerjaan dan Perburuhan 2021 Gov Malaysia 12.4 msa
Academic Imperialism Syed Hussein Alatas 0.5 eng
The Captive Mind in Development Studies Syed Hussein Alatas 15.0 eng
The Autonomous, the Universal and the Future of Sociology Syed Hussein Alatas 0.1 eng
Intellectual Imperialism: Definition, Traits, and Problems Syed Hussein Alatas 10.0 eng
Continuing debate. The captive mind and creative development Syed Hussein Alatas 9.3 eng
Chapter 2- Alatas, Fanon, and Coloniality Syed Farid Alatas 8.0 eng
On the Indigenization of Academic Discourse Syed Farid Alatas 1.0 eng
Counterinsurgency Intelligence and the Emergency in Malaya Arditti, Roger C. 2.4 eng
Academic Dependency and the Global Division of Labour in the Social Sciences Syed Farid Alatas 0.1 eng
Narrating the racial riots of 13 May 1969 gender and postmemory in Malaysian literature Show Ying Xin 1.5 eng
Seaways and Gatekeepers: Trade and State in the Eastern Archipelagos of Southeast Asia, c.1600–c.1906 Heather Sutherland 9.0 eng
Majalah Jentayu Malaysia Muda 55.0 msa
老子的智慧 林語堂 0.4 zho
马来西亚非政府组织的政治化 潘永强 6.3 zho
理想与社会批判知识青年自学读本 马丁路德金, Francis Fukuyama, Amartya Sen(等) 249.4 zho
JOM UNDI 18: BUKU PANDUAN KESEDARAN SIVIK BULAN HAK ASASI MANUASIA TAHUN 2020 Youth Section of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall 23.3 msa
2020年人权月之18岁公民教育手册《1起投票8》 吉隆坡暨雪兰莪中华大会堂青年团 16.0 zho
黄丝带飘扬——2006马来西亚反对媒体垄断运动实录 维护媒体独立撰稿人联盟(WAMI) 12.0 zho
Gender, Islam, and Democracy in Indonesia Kathryn Robinson 1.6 eng
Feudalism in Malaysian society: A study in historical continuity. Syed Hussein Alatas 5.0 eng
Beyond the Tin Mines: Coolies, Squatters, and New Villagers in the Kinta Valley, Malaysia, C. 1880-1980 Francis Loh Kok Wah 35.1 eng
撑住民主、打破僵局——第14届大选政治图解 隆雪华堂民权委员会、林连玉基金 1.0 zho
重构公民性:马国社运份子黄进发的案例研究 施伟良 1.5 zho
馬來西亞民主轉型:族群與宗教之困 王國璋 8.3 zho
Contesting Equality: A History Of The Malayan People'S Socialist Front, 1957-1965 Xie, Kankan 0.4 eng
想像馬來亞,操演多元文化-五0年代新加坡華文知識界的馬來亞意識 柯思仁 3.8 zho
馬來亞共產黨史的生產與問題 潘婉明 2.8 zho
焦慮的年代:馬來西亞影展在台灣 交大文化研究國際中心 6.2 zho
Reflections on migrant and refugee health in Malaysia and the ASEAN region Nicola S. Pocock 0.2 eng
反对《2013–2025年教育大蓝图》 雪兰莪暨吉隆坡华校董事会联合会出版 12.3 zho
马来西亚维护华教联合会 “领袖交流会” 马来西亚维护华教联合会 21.8 zho
Kitab Undang-Undang Tanjung Tanah: Naskah Melayu Yang Tertua Uli Kozok 1.9 indo
African international students in Klang Valley: colonial legacies, postcolonial racialization, and sub-citizenship Timothy P. Daniels 0.1 eng
Urban refugees in a graduated sovereignty: the experiences of the stateless Rohingya in the Klang Valley ‪Avyanthi Azis 0.1 eng
Civil Society and Competitive Authoritarianism in Malaysia Stephan Giersdorf & Aurel Croissant 0.2 eng
Towards a New Malaysia?: The 2018 Election and Its Aftermath Meredith L. Weiss and Faisal S. Hazis 3.1 eng
Illusions of Democracy Malaysian Politics and People Sophie Lemière 6.9 eng
Emergency powers and parliamentary government in Malaysia: Constitutionalism in a new democracy Cyrus Vimalakumar Das 33.0 eng
Political Non-Governmental Organizations: Ideals and Realities Saliha Hassan 21.1 eng
通过文化扎根,拓宽多元之美: 吉隆坡暨雪兰莪中华大会堂《文化建议书》2017 吉隆坡暨雪兰莪中华大会堂“草拟文化建议书小组” 1.6 zho
Reforming National Education Research Team on Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025 2.4 eng
教育大蓝图之评析与建议 13个华团 2.9 zho
怡和世纪第44期 怡和世纪 51.6 zho
依法重选,重建董总:董总危机资料集 吉隆坡暨雪兰莪中华大会堂、林连玉基金、独立大学有限公司、华社研究中心、 马来西亚留华同学会 1.1 zho
黄丝带期刊(2006年11月) 第一期 WAMI 1.1 zho
視角2006年12月(创刊号) WAMI 0.4 zho
三州府文件修集初探 袁丁 1.7 zho
三州府文件修集 G.T. Hare 15.9 zho
The Memoirs and Memorials of Jacques de Coutre: Security, Trade and Society in 16th- and 17th-century Southeast Asia Peter Borschberg (editor), Roopanjali Roy (translator) 149.6 eng
Admiral Matelieff's Singapore and Johor, 1606-1616 Peter Borschberg 29.8 eng
林苍祐评传 谢诗坚 67.9 zho
林连玉评传:林连玉资料汇编 郑良树 100.6 zho
Interrogating the State and Craft of History Shaharil Talib 16.4 eng
Voices from the Kelantan Desa 1900-1940 Shaharil Talib 1.1 eng
辛亥革命与南洋华人研讨会论文集 辛亥革命与南洋华人研讨会编 47.3 zho
Kisah Pelayaran Abdullah ka-Kelantan dan ka-Judah 3 Munshi Abdullah bin Abdul Kadir, Kassim Ahmad 2.2 msa
Kisah Pelayaran Abdullah ka-Kelantan dan ka-Judah 2 Munshi Abdullah bin Abdul Kadir, Kassim Ahmad 5.0 msa
Kisah Pelayaran Abdullah ka-Kelantan dan ka-Judah 1.pdf Munshi Abdullah bin Abdul Kadir, Kassim Ahmad 8.1 msa
阿都拉传 阿都拉 11.2 zho
阿都拉游记一吉兰丹篇 阿都拉 3.1 zho
“青年理想与社会参与”系列3【第三辑、社会学习与民主改革】 未知 29.1 zho
《中文古籍中的馬來西亞資料彙編》(馬來西亞中華大會堂總會出版) 林遠輝、張應龍編 49.4 zho
閱讀吉隆坡的方法:田野·大眾史學觀·都市人文 他者資料庫:吉隆坡與其想像的繪製計畫論述組 143.0 zho
Ethnic Chinese in Malaysian citizenship: gridlocked in historical formation and political hierarchy Cheun Hoe Yow 0.4 eng
林连玉青年公民学程读本2018 林连玉基金 142.9 oth
路上觀察學讀本 亞答屋84號圖書館 32.0 zho
重夺我权:马来西亚LGBT法律指南 Diversity 3.0 zho
Reclaim the Unseen Ones: A Malaysian Guide (A Malaysian LGBT legai guide book) Diversity 1.5 eng
Cage of Freedom: Tamil Identity and the Ethnic Fetish in Malaysia Andrew C. W illford 103.1 eng
生育政治的期待與現實:馬來西亞華裔生育圖像的族群與性別政治分析 楊潔 2.1 zho
Managing Cultural Activism: A Case Study of Buku Jalanan of Malaysia Sunitha Janamohanan 0.3 eng
Looking for a life’: Rohingya refugee migration in the post-imperial age Wong, Diana and Tan Pok Suan 0.2 eng
Migrant Workers Access to Justice Report (28Nov2019) Bar Council Malaysia 5.9 eng
中國與海外華人 王賡武 27.6 zho
A First Look at the Malaysian Legal System Wan Arfah Hamzah 31.5 eng
Our Constitution Shad Saleem Faruqi 15.3 eng
海外华人研究的大视野与新方向 刘宏, 黄坚立 25.0 zho
The Bedrock of Our Nation: Our Constitution Shad Saleem Faruqi 13.3 eng
The Constitution of Malaysia: A Contextual Analysis Andrew Harding 15.0 eng
The Sulu Zone,1768-1898 James Francis Warren 33.8 eng
Malaysia: The Making of a Nation Cheah Boon Kheng 0.7 eng
'Ajā'ib al-Hind: Kisah-kisah Ajaib di Daratan dan Lautan Hindi Buzurg al-Ramhurmuzi, penterjemah Arsyad Mokhtar 7.5 msa
AL-MASĀLIK WA AL-MAMĀLIK- Beberapa Bab Pada Menyatakan Perihal Kepulauan Melayu ABU UBAID AL-BAKRI, penterjemah ARSYAD MOKHTAR 3.0 msa
Riḥlatus Sīrāfī: Catatan Pengembaraan di Alam Melayu, China, India dan Afrika Sulaiman At-Tajir Abu Zaid As-Sirafi, Arsyad Mokhtar (Penterjemah) 8.9 msa
Sexuality Matters: The Migration of Gay Malaysian Men Kan Wai Min 0.6 eng
媒改經驗的激盪:大馬媒改運動者的臺灣經驗 唐玉卿 59.3 zho
近现代中国与东南亚经贸关系史研究 聂德宁 10.0 zho
Trade And Society in the Straits of Melaka Nordin Hussin 22.7 eng
Cultures at War Tony Day et al. 63.2 ENG
Arc of Containment Ngoei Wen-Qing 10.1 ENG
To Build as well as Destroy A.J. Gawthorpe 8.7 ENG
紅玫瑰革命 丘光耀 7.7 zho
華人在他鄉:中華近現代海外移民史 孔復禮 36.9 zho
淺述七十年以來華人政治論述流變 潘永強 1.4 zho
Social Media for Empowerment in Social Movements: The Case of Malaysia 's Grassroots Activism Michelle Tye, Carmen Leong, Felix Tan, Barney Tan, Ying Hooi Khoo 0.8 eng
Feeling the Chill: Bersih 2.0, State Censorship, and “Networked Affect” on Malaysian Social Media 2012–2018 Amelia Johns, Niki Cheong 0.1 eng
The Madrasa in Asia: Political Activism and Transnational Linkages Farish A. Noor 1.6 eng
Corporatization and Privatization of Public Services KL PHUA 4.7 eng
馬來西亞華裔的社會運動(1957-2007) 潘永強 0.8 zho
教育与认同:马来西亚华文中学教育之研究 (1945-2000) 古鸿延 23.0 zho
建构中的“华人文化”:族群属性、国家与华教运动 林開忠 16.5 zho
南海寄归内法传校注 义净原著,王邦维校注 28.3 zho
Man or Monster? : The Trial of a Khmer Rouge Torturer Alexander Hinton 25.8 eng
Legacies of the Cold War in Malaysia: Anything but Communism Meredith L. Weiss 1.5 eng
内安法令(ISA)四十年 辜瑞荣 65.6 zho
炼狱: 1229 大罢食 马来西亚凤凰友好联谊会 28.4 zho
Kanowit : an overseas Chinese community in Borneo Richard C Fidler 7.7 eng
Under Chartered Company Rule: North Borneo, 1881-1946 K. G. Tregonning 8.9 eng
Twenty Years in Borneo Charles Bruce 8.0 eng
世外无桃源 东南亚华人秘密会党 邱格屏 25.7 zho
International Migration in Southeast Asia: Continuities and Discontinuities Kwen Fee Lian, Md Mizanur Rahman Yabit bin Alas 2.9 eng
Across the causeway a multi dimensional study of Malaysia Singapore relations Takashi Shiraishi 57.7 eng
Women, Work and Colonialism in the Netherlands and Java: Comparisons, Contrasts, and Connections, 1830–1940 Elise van Nederveen Meerkerk 6.7 eng
Propaganda and the Genocide in Indonesia: Imagined Evil Saskia E. Wieringa; Nursyahbani Katjasungkana 4.1 eng
‘Advocates for the Arts’ legal handbook Law Society Pro Bono Services 2.4 eng
馬來西亞國家電影下的馬來西亞華語電影論述 關志華 0.8 zho
Peter Harris: Founder of the Wednesday Art Group Tan Chee Kuan 37.9 eng
Transnational Flows and Permissive Polities: Ethnographies of Human Mobilities in Asia Barak Kalir; Malini Sur 4.0 eng
Ethnic Politics in Malaysia R. K. Vasil 71.9 eng
The articulation of anti-China-centrism in Sinophone Malaysian films Kuan Chee Wah 1.2 eng
Authoritarian Rule of Law: Legislation, Discourse and Legitimacy in Singapore Jothie Rajah 1.4 eng
Book Review (Politics and Colonialism - Anthony Milner: The Invention of Politics in Colonial Malaya: Contesting Nationalism and the Expansion of the Public Space) Wang Gungwu 0.2 eng
論1949年以後國民黨政權的僑務政策:從流亡政權、在地知識與國際脈絡談起 范雅梅 1.5 zho
台灣的馬華「流離者」處境初探——以紀錄片《當我不存在就好》為例 吳文睿 1.4 zho
Administrative Law and Governance in Asia: Comparative Perspectives AK Thiruvengadam 1.3 eng
Tribute to Tunku Abdul Rahman S Dural Raja Singma 17.4 eng
Prince and Premier Harry Miller 26.3 eng
Modern Malaysia In The Global Economy: Political And Social Change Into The 21st Century Colin Barlow (Editor) 13.4 eng
Islam the Misunderstood Religion Mahathir Mohamad 3.4 eng
Mahathir's economic policies Jomo 12.0 eng
Tunku Abdul Rahman and His Role in the Baling Talks: A Documentary History Anuar Nik Mahmud (Nik.) 4.4 eng
The Political Economy of Brain Drain and Talent Capture: Evidence from Malaysia and Singapore Adam Tyson 3.8 eng
The Politics of Multiculturalism:Pluralism and Citizenship in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia Robert W. Hefner 2.4 eng
東南亞史研究論集 張奕善 10.0 zho
Language Policy and Modernity in Southeast Asia: Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand Antonio L. Rappa 12.4 eng
Media Consumption in Malaysia: A Hermeneutics of Human Behaviour Tony Wilson 1.8 eng
Islam in Malaysian Foreign Policy Shanti Nair 1.1 eng
A Short History of Malaysia: Linking East and West. Virginia Matheson Hooker 5.5 eng
The Japanese Occupation of Borneo, 1941–1945 Ooi Keat Gin 2.6 eng
Historical Dictionary of Malaysia Ooi Keat Gin 2.7 eng
Cage of Freedom: Tamil Identity and the Ethnic Fetish in Malaysia Andrew Wilford 23.4 eng
13 May 1969: The Darkest Day in Malaysian History Leon Comber 15.9 eng
Multiculturalism at Risk: The Indian Minority in Malaysia Vinay Lal 1.6 eng
Tamil Diasporas across the Bay of Bengal Sunil S. Amrith 12.9 eng
The Infinite Longing for Home David C.L. Lim 1.0 eng
掙扎在威權政體與族群政治中的媒體改革 黃國富 0.3 ZHO
遲滯中突露曙光:馬來西亞的媒改行動 黃國富 0.5 ZHO
威權統治夾縫中的奇葩 —馬來西亞獨立運動方興未艾 莊迪澎 0.5 ZHO
The Nanyang Revolution: The Comintern and Chinese Networks in Southeast Asia, 1890–1957 Anna Belogurova 3.1 eng
Sun Yat Sen in Penang Khoo Salma Nasution 18.7 eng
Collective agreement between sin chew media corporation berhad and kesatuan pekerja-pekerja sin chew media corporation berhad Sin Chew 6.4 eng
Pirates of Empire: Colonisation and Maritime Violence in Southeast Asia Stefan Eklöf Amirell 5.8 eng
Islamic Education in Indonesia and Malaysia: Shaping Minds, Saving Souls Azmil Mohd Tayeb 2.6 eng
Communist Party of Malaya activities within the University of Malaya Chinese Language Society Muhammad Ghazali bin Shafie 4.5 eng
Cities in Motion: Urban Life and Cosmopolitanism in Southeast Asia, 1920–1940 Su Lin Lewis 3.8 eng
Living on the Edge: Being Malay (and Bugis) in the Riau Islands Andrew M. Carruthers 3.5 eng
Developing Eastern Johor: The Pengerang Integrated Petroleum Complex Serina Rahman 1.9 eng
The Perak Sultanate: Transitioning into the 21st Century Barbara Watson Andaya 1.5 eng
Ampun Tuanku: A Brief Guide to Constitutional Government Zaid Ibrahim 0.9 eng
The bedrock of our nation : our constitution Shad Saleem Faruqi 9.6 eng
Developing Eastern Johor The Pengerang Integrated Petroleum Complex Serina Rahman 1.9 eng
The Private Healthcare Sector in Johor Trends and Prospects Meghann Ormond , Chee Han Lim 2.6 eng
Food Supplies and the Japanese Occupation in South-East Asia Paul Kratoska 23.7 eng
The Other Malaysia: Writings on Malaysia's Subaltern History Farish A. Noor 86.9 eng
Nurturing Indonesia: Medicine and Decolonisation in the Dutch East Indies Hans Pols 15.9 eng
World War One in Southeast Asia: Colonialism and Anticolonialism in an Era of Global Conflict Heather Streets-Salter 1.9 eng
Radicals: Resistance and Protest in Colonial Malaya Syed Muhd Khairudin Aljunied 97.0 eng
Liberalism Disavowed: Communitarianism and State Capitalism in Singapore Chua Beng Huat 3.5 eng
Political Legitimacy and Housing Singapore's Stakeholder Society Chua Beng-Huat 1.1 eng
The Garden of Evening Mists Tan Twan Eng 1.3 eng
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Ilham 13 Mei Tuan Haju Abu Bakar Bin Hamzah 15.5 msa
Jendela Masa Dato' Khoo Kay Kim 41.2 msa
Jing Pei Goh Microsoft Word - 120704_Jing Pei Goh_MA Thesis Final 6.6 eng
John Russell Peter Clague 20.6 eng
Jungle Green Arthur Campbell 18.1 eng
Kuala Lumpur Haji Abdullah Hukum 6.0 msa
Labuan Story Maxwell Hall 12.0 eng
Malacca Gold Wayne Stier 31.6 eng
Malay Annals John Leyden 31.9 eng
Malay Waters H. M. Tomlinson 13.3 eng
Perak Perlis Chan Kok Keong 8.3 eng
Pulau Pinang Asmad 2.7 msa
Pulau Pinang Kompas Publishing 1.7 msa
Sulu & Sabah Nicholas Tarling 38.6 eng
The Japanese Sulaiman Zakaria 1.9 eng
Wawasan 2020 Abu Hassan Adam 19.1 msa
Wawasan 2020 Fatimah Azzahra, Yusri Ab.Malik 5.4 msa
Will Of Iron Vincent Lee 6.0 eng
World Within Tom Harrisson 29.5 eng
Administrator untitled.pub 0.6 eng
Akitek Bangsa Dr.Mahathir Mohamad 23.0 msa
Dilema Melayu Mahathir Bin Mohamad 19.4 msa
Failed Nation Rustam A. Sani 94.3 eng
Henry Johnson 14_Cheah_3 0.2 eng
Lembah Bujang Persatuan Sejarah Malaysia 6.1 msa
Malay Culture Syed Nasir Bin Ismail 0.8 eng
Malaysian Law R. H. Hickling 15.2 eng
Man In Malaya B. W. Hodder 10.7 eng
Mark Emmanuel Viewspapers: The Malay press of the 1930s 0.5 eng
Menempah Maut Wan Azmi Ramli 32.6 msa
Merdeka Kedua Mohd Sayuti Omar 12.4 msa
Merdeka Kedua Mohd. Sayuti Omar 113.7 msa
Nippon Slaves Lionel De Rosario 17.2 eng
Over Malaysia Kee Hua Chee 25.2 eng
Politik Cikgu Haroun Ismail 13.9 msa
Pribumi Sabah Arena Wati 10.7 msa
Sarawak Purba Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka 4.9 msa
Sejarah Johor Haji Buyong Bin Adil 28.9 msa
Sejarah Kedah Haji Buyong Adil 2.8 msa
Sentuhan Emas S. Hashim Ahmad 11.7 msa
Tainted Glory Ho Thean Fook 19.7 eng
The Challenge Mahathir Mohamad 6.3 eng
The New Malay Muhammad Haji Muhd Taib 6.5 eng
UMNO 50 Tahun Nusantara Publishing 9.0 msa
Warisan Sabah Muzium Sabah 4.6 msa
Abbas My Story Jason Offord 10.8 eng
Anwar Terjerat Ahmad Lutfi Othman 8.5 msa
Arkitek Negara Daud Ibrahim 30.6 msa
Asean 35 Tahun Salehah Abdull Hak 5.8 msa
British Malaya L. A. Mills 38.1 eng
Century Borneo Graham Irwin 17.2 eng
Hikayat Pahang Kalthum Jeran 11.8 msa
Insight Guides Apa Productions 56.1 eng
Islamic Modern Michael G. Peletz 33.1 eng
Jepun-Peluasan Graham Saunders 2.9 msa
Malayan Climax Carline Reid 7.2 eng
Menebus Maruah Abu Hassan Adam 15.0 msa
Operasi Kenari Penerbitan Pemuda 9.6 msa
Perang Oktober Mohd Sayuti Omar 5.5 msa
Sarawak Museum Borneo Literature Bureau 0.3 eng
Sejarah Melayu Cheah Boon Kheng 20.2 msa
Sejarah Pahang Haji Buyong Adil 34.4 msa
Southeast Asia Milton Osborne 26.3 eng
The Bajau Laut Clifford Sather 35.2 eng
The UMNO Drama Fan Yew Teng 13.0 eng
Tuanku Ja'afar Wan Hashim Wan Teh 27.7 msa
Zaman Mahathir Rahman Shaari 6.1 msa
Against The Sun Janet Uhr 18.7 eng
Banpong Express Major J. H. H. Coombes 31.9 eng
Dato Onn Jaafar Associated Educational Distributors 5.9 msa
Historic Malaya M.C. ff Sheppard 1.0 eng
Kedah 1771-1821 R. Bonney 17.3 eng
Kepulauan Cocos Pauline Bunce 19.0 msa
Ketuanan Melayu Dato' Abdullah Ahmad 10.0 msa
Legasi Mahathir Sivamurugan Pandian 30.5 msa
Malaya & Borneo E. D. Smith 12.0 eng
Melaka Sekarang Jabatan Penerangan Negeri Melaka 16.0 msa
On The Sulu Sea Supriya Singh 13.1 eng
Pesaka Selangor Wan Mohd. Amin Bin Wan Mohd. Said 7.4 msa
Rajahs & Rebels Robert Pringle 35.6 eng
Sejarah Sarawak Haji Buyong Adil 10.2 msa
Selamat Tinggal Ruhanie Haji Admad 14.0 msa
Selamat Tinggal Ruhanie Haji Ahmad 23.4 msa
The Musa Dilema K. Das 7.1 msa
The Way Forward Mahathir Bin Mohamad 10.4 eng
Three Came Home Agnes Newton Keith 10.4 eng
Tuhfat al-Nafis Virginia Matheson 23.8 msa
Tuhfat al-Nafis Tengku Ismail Bin Tengku Su 52.5 msa
Tuntutan Melayu Malik Munip 7.4 msa
马来西亚史 芭芭拉·沃森·安达娅 & 伦纳德·安达娅 26.0 zho
4 Wajah Pemimpin Yusof Harun 9.9 msa
A Nation Is Born Michael Ardizzone 2.4 eng
A Son Of The Raj Dr. Leslie Willson MC 12.1 eng
Alberto G. Gomes Modernity & Malaysia: Settling the Menraq Forest Nomads 2.4 eng
Cabinet Minister Aziz Ishak - Special Guest-The Detention In Malaysia Of An Ex 14.4 eng
Decade Of Change Bryan C. Cooper 62.0 eng
God Of The Earth Ho Thean Fook 13.6 eng
Graduate Studies Microsoft Word - Harun, Minah dissertation final 02-22-07.doc 0.9 eng
Guns Of February Henry Frei 15.8 eng
Hari Kemerdekaan Ramli Isin, Sahlan Mohd. Saman 20.1 msa
In Liberal Doses Marina Mahathir 14.5 eng
Kedah Darul Aman Zurina Ismail 2.7 msa
Malayan Symphony W. Robert Foran 32.4 eng
Mengapa Malaysia Jamaluddin Bin Abdul Jabbar 2.5 msa
Menjunjung Kasih Shariff Ahmad 14.2 msa
Mining In Malaya G. E. Greig 1.6 eng
Naning In Melaka Jonathan Cave 66.7 eng
Old Kuala Lumpur J. M. Gullick 5.7 eng
Pandangan Aliran Aliran Kesedaran Negara 16.2 msa
Pejuang Berjurus Ruhanie Haji Ahmad 8.7 msa
Politik Dan Raja Chamil Wariya 17.6 msa
Politik Malaysia Ghazali Mayudin 26.1 msa
Politik Serpihan S. H. Alattas 51.4 msa
Prince & Premier Harry Miller 27.5 msa
Return To Malaya R. H. Bruce Lockhart 31.2 eng
Sarawak Long Ago W.J. Chater 9.2 eng
Sejarah Selangor Haji Buyong Adil 18.6 msa
Siri Tanah Airku Kedah Darul Aman 3.3 msa
Society & Cosmos Signe Howell 23.6 eng
Someday Malaysia Eduardo L. Martelino 1.7 eng
Tanah Bersejarah Fauziah Abd Ralip 6.5 msa
The Merican Clan Datin Ragayah Eusoff 12.7 eng
The Naked Island Russell Braddon 9.0 eng
The New Malaysia G. Edmonds 12.3 eng
The White Rajahs Steven Runciman 28.8 eng
UMNO Tempah Maut Zakry Abadi 11.0 msa
Under Five Flags Ronald J. Brooks 24.9 eng
War Of Deception Daim Zainuddin 8.4 eng
A Salute To A Man Bernice Narayanan 16.2 eng
Anwar Salah Pilih Ahmad Lutfi Othman 12.9 msa
Asri Dalam Dilema Halim Mahmood 7.8 msa
Belia Di Malaysia Hussain Mohamed 26.0 msa
Bishops & Brookes Graham Saunders 24.5 msa
Challenging Times Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra 16.4 eng
Children Of Sabah Stane Salobir 9.6 eng
Discover Malaysia Dennis M. Allen 6.5 eng
Discovering Sabah Wendy Hutton 20.5 eng
Dream Of Kinabalu Stewart Wavell 9.8 eng
History Of Labuan Stephen R. Evans, Abdul Rahman Zainal, Rod Wong Khet Ngee 7.8 eng
Kedah Zaman Silam Dato' James F. Augustine 18.0 msa
Malaysia A Survey Wang Gungwu 40.3 eng
Malaysian Journey Rehman Rashid 12.6 eng
Masyarakat Majmuk Mohd Zahari Ishak 4.8 msa
Muslims In Motion Nazli Kibria 1.7 eng
Nothing Is Sacred Sallleh Ben Joned 14.8 eng
Of Death But Once Roy Bulcock 6.6 eng
Out In Midday Sun Margaret Shennan 31.5 eng
Planning & Vision Ministry Of Housing & Local Government 12.4 eng
Prince Of Pirates Carl A. Trocki 19.7 eng
Sabah Dan Sarawak Puteri Fahsyar 7.2 msa
Sastera Dan Agama Prof. Datuk Ismail Hussein 4.2 msa
Singapore Tragedy Stanley Field 14.8 eng
Sultan Azlan Shah Khoo Kay Kim 21.2 msa
Sunset Of The Raj Cecil Lee 16.8 msa
Syair Perang Siak Donald J. Goudie 22.1 eng
Talqin Untuk UMNO Syed Hussein Alattas 58.4 msa
Taming The Jungle Pat Barr 14.3 eng
The Green Torture Dennis Holman 7.4 eng
The Rahman Decade Clement Hii 20.4 eng
The Unsung Hereos Zainuddin Maidin 10.8 eng
The War In Malaya Lieut-General A. E. Percival 26.6 eng
UMNO Era Mahathir Chamil Wariya 17.3 msa
22 Years 22 Voices Michael Bociurkiw 22.6 eng
31 Ogos Yang Silap Ahmad Ismail 14.2 msa
A History Of Perak R. O. Winstedt 21.1 eng
Alam Pantun Melayu Francois-Rene Daillie 4.7 eng
Crisis Of Identity Lim Kit Siang 32.3 eng
Dasar-Dasar Negara Jabatan Perkhidmatan Penerangan Malaysia 2.8 msa
Dilema Pemuda UMNO Subky Latif, Chamil Wariya 6.0 msa
Future Asian Space Limin Hee 47.0 eng
Images Of Malaysia Muhammad Ikmal Sand, John Saravanamuttu 31.7 eng
Images Of Malaysia Muhammad Ikmal Said, Johan Saravanamuttu 20.6 eng
Johor Darul Takzim Roselan Abd. Malek 4.9 msa
Johor Darul Takzim Mustafa Ali Mohamed 1.8 msa
Kill The Prisoners Don Wall 34.8 eng
Kinabalu Guerillas Maxwell Hall 8.6 eng
Lima Raja Terakhir S. H. Alattas 54.5 msa
Malaya-Agriculture D. H. Grist 4.0 eng
Malayan Land Scape Katharine Sim 20.4 eng
Malayan Postscript Ian Morrison 16.1 eng
Malaysian Politics Gordon P. Means 85.9 eng
Mengenal Tanahayer Abdul Hamid Bin Mahmud 6.8 msa
On Becoming Alijah Alijah Gordon 34.6 eng
Politics & Service JJ Resources 5.0 eng
Politics & Service Denison Jayasooria 5.1 eng
Pulanglah Perantau Aziz Jahpin 15.3 msa
Putrajaya Wetlands Perbadanan Putrajaya 15.3 eng
Reforming Malaysia Kua Kia Soong 13.3 eng
Report From Malaya Vernon Bartlett 17.0 eng
SEJARAH DARUL IMAN Data Haji Muhammad Saleh Bin Haji Awang 33.1 msa
Siapa Selepas Musa S. H. Alattas 5.0 msa
The Land Of Malaya Monica J. West 0.2 eng
The May 13 Tragedy Dr Tan Chee Khoon 4.2 eng
The Name Of Brooke R. H. W. Reece 36.3 eng
The Royal Families Jeffrey Finestone 47.5 eng
The Syair Mukomuko J. Kathitithamby-Wells, Muhammad Yusoff Hashim 9.4 eng
Travel In Malaysia R. Vijesurier 16.7 eng
Tulis Dengan Tulus Zakiah Hanum 8.2 msa
Warisan Kelantan V Dato Nik Mohamed B. Nik Mohd Salleh 12.2 msa
Warisan Kelantan X Dato Nik Mohamed B. Nik Mohd Salleh 11.0 msa
Witness To History J. Victor Morais 19.5 eng
Writings On May 13 Neil John Funston 17.5 eng
挑战宽柔学村 郑良树 1.2 zho
走近回教政治 潘永强、魏月萍 170.1 zho
非常马来西亚 张锦忠 1.7 zho
A Centernary Volume Malaysian Branch Of The Royal Asiatic Society 30.0 eng
A History Of Malaya J. Kennedy 28.2 eng
A History Of Pahang W. Linehan 23.8 eng
A Malaysian Journey Rehman Rashid 18.5 eng
A Political Profile Cheah See Kian 15.9 eng
ASEAN's Black Swans Donald K. Emmerson 1.0 eng
After Its Own Image Shaharil Talib 21.3 eng
Apa Ketua UMNO Buat Ikhwan Nasir 18.4 msa
Badminton 1952-1964 Ho Ah Chon 13.4 eng
Diversion In Malaya Anthony Hill 8.0 eng
Essential Outsiders Daniel Chirot 26.5 eng
Hidup Meniti Ranjau Wan Hamzah bin Awang 13.2 msa
Imperial Belvederes S. Robert Aiken 5.9 eng
Journey Into Malaya Amy Mcintosh 7.2 eng
Kelantan Darul Naim Suraya 3.7 msa
Kenali Budaya Islam Haji Ibrahim Mahmood 1.1 msa
Kenegaraan Malaysia Ranjit Singh Malhi 22.4 msa
Land Below The Wind Agnes Keith 19.6 eng
Mahathir Dan Akhbar Mohd Safar Hasim 5.6 msa
Malaysia In My Eyes You Jae Ryuk 33.5 eng
Malaysian Judiciary Justice Dato James Foong 15.0 eng
Masyarakat Malaysia Zuraina Majid 48.5 msa
Melayu Lawan Melayu Ruhanie Haji Ahmad 8.9 msa
Menuju Era Gemilang Mustapa Mohamed 4.3 msa
Mereka Yang Ternama Talib Samat 11.7 msa
Musuh Baru Mahathir Jaafar Bakar 14.0 msa
Pagar Bukan Penjara Hamzah Hussin 48.7 msa
Pahang Darul Makmur Zurina Ismail 2.1 msa
Pahang Meniti Zaman Persatuan Sejarah Malaysia Cawangan Pahang 24.3 msa
Penang Past Present City Council Of Georgetown 15.8 eng
Perak Darul Ridhwan Zurina Ismail 1.8 msa
Political Awakening Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra 9.0 eng
Puteri Dunia Melayu Dato' Dr. Adi Haji Taha 87.0 msa
Quo Vadis, Bangsaku Kassim Ahmad 16.1 msa
Reputations Live On Amin Sweeney 10.0 eng
Retreat In The East O. D. Gallagher 8.8 eng
Return Of The Tiger Brian Connell 17.7 eng
Sacrilege In Malaya Pierre Boulle 22.2 eng
Seasons Of Darkness Wilfred Hamilton-Shimmen 55.7 eng
Sejarah Alam Melayu Abdul-Hadi Bin Haji Hassan 5.4 msa
Spearhead In Malaya J. W. G. Moran 19.1 eng
Strategy For Action Tun Razak 51.5 eng
The Magic Of Malaya Cuthbert Woodville Harrison 11.2 eng
The Sage Of Malacca Tun Tan Cheng Lock 1.9 eng
Tragedi Lubuk Mandi Mohamed Jusoh 9.9 msa
Warisan Kelantan IX Dato Nik Mohamed B. Nik Mohd Salleh 11.5 msa
Warisan Kelantan XI Dato Nik Mohamed B. Nik Mohd Salleh 9.8 msa
Zaman Dan Perbezaan Mahathir Mohamad 6.5 msa
A Vision Of The Past John Falconer 22.3 eng
Alor Setar 250 Tahun Kerajaan Negeri Kedah Darulaman 29.7 msa
Amanah Asas Kejayaan Bismillahir Rahman Nirrahim 0.9 msa
Amanat Tun Dr.Ismail A. Karim Haji Abdullah 5.6 msa
British North Borneo Owen Rutter 36.1 eng
Dasar-Dasar Kerajaan Jabatan Penerangan Malaysia 3.3 msa
Deforesting Malaysia Jomo K.S, Chang Y.T, Khoo K.J 18.5 eng
Guide Book For Women Hyacinth Gaudart 9.9 eng
Hati Muda Bulan Muda A. Samad Said 35.2 msa
House Self & Society Peter Zabielskis 49.1 eng
Kemana Rakyat Dibawa Hj.Nik Abdullah Arshad 7.4 msa
Larut Daerah Terkaya Mohd Zamberi A.Malek 14.3 msa
MCA Economic Seminar Datuk Paul Low 4.6 eng
Mahathir Of Malaysia Robin Adshead 14.6 eng
Malaya & Its History Sir Richard Winstedt 12.6 eng
Malays Forget Easily Mahathir Mohamad 9.3 eng
Masa Untuk Perubahan Marina Yusoff 24.1 msa
Mitos Peribumi Malas Syed Hussein Alatas 24.4 msa
Mufti Lawan Mahathir Ahmad Lutfi Othman 27.3 msa
Of Political Bondage Ranjit Gill 13.6 eng
Pengakuan Tengku Ali Wan Ramli Wan Mohamad 5.9 msa
Perang Di Parit Raja S. H. Alattas 55.0 msa
Perhitungan Mahathir Rahman Shaari 5.0 msa
Perjuangan Suci UMNO A. Karim Haji Abdullah 21.0 msa
Red Star Over Malaya Cheah Boon Kheng 19.3 eng
Reflections On Asean Mahathir Mohamad 21.7 eng
Said Pahlawan Naning Siri Satria Negara 1.5 msa
Sarawak Zaman Dahulu W. J. Chater 10.1 eng
Selangor Darul Ehsan Suraya 3.5 msa
Semangat UMNO Hancur Abd. Rahim Kassim 20.1 msa
Siapa Pencabar Anwar Mohd Sayuti Omar 8.7 msa
Singapore & Malaysia Milton E. Osborne 30.8 eng
Some Shape Of Beauty H. F. O' B. Traill 3.5 eng
The Hikayat Abdullah Abdullah Bin Abdul Kadir 32.7 msa
The Key To The South Richard J. Aldrich 35.3 eng
The Trouble & Tigers Victor Mallet 29.0 eng
TheChallengingDecade RTM 5.9 eng
Tokoh-Tokoh Pahlawan Siti Mariam Daud, Sulaiman Zakaria 1.7 msa
Tradisi Dan Modeniti Lalita Sinha 18.4 msa
Wajah-Wajah Pemimpin Ab. Rahim Tahir 10.0 msa
Warisan Kelantan III Dato Nik Mohamed B. Nik Mohd Salleh 6.1 msa
Warisan Kelantan XVI Dato Nik Mohamed B. Nik Mohd Salleh 10.0 msa
We Built & Destroyed Douglas Bailey 6.6 eng
21st Century Malaysia Khazanah Asli 27.2 eng
A History Of Malaysia Barbara Watson Andaya 38.6 eng
A History Of Selangor J. M. Gullick 20.7 eng
Abdullah Ahmad Badawi S. Hashim Ahmad 20.9 msa
Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban Suara Rakyat Malaysia 1.7 msa
Arahan Perbendaharaan International Law Book Services 25.8 msa
Asean The Way Forward Institute Of Strategic & International Studies 8.7 eng
Biografi Othman Puteh Ali Majod 7.9 msa
Eaten By The Japanese John Baptist Crasta 6.0 eng
Five Men & Five Ideal Hng Hung Yong 14.8 eng
For The Sake Of Peace Mohd Najib Tun Razak 14.5 eng
Honourable Intentions Paul H. Kratoska 40.2 eng
Islamic Law In Malaya Dr. Ahmad Ibrahim 37.2 eng
Jambatan Pulau Pinang Datuk Syed Zainal Abidin bin S.A.M. Jamalullail 5.2 msa
Kebudayaan Kebangsaan Siti Razman Hj. Idris 3.9 msa
Kenegaraan Malaysia 2 Nazaruddin M. Jali, Asnarulkhadi A. Samah 5.4 msa
Kisah Gunung Kinabalu Pustaka Delta Pelajaran 2.2 msa
Mahathir Di Mata Umum Zahidi Dato' Zainol Rashid 34.9 msa
Malaya's Ancient Past Dato Sir Roland Braddell 1.2 eng
Malaysia A Commentary S. Nihal Singh 19.6 eng
Malaysia An Anthology Tan Sri Hj. Khalid 5.1 eng
May 13-Before & After Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj 7.8 eng
Memoir Shamsiah Fakeh Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia 11.0 msa
Mengapa Anwar Dipecat Azizan Ahmad 7.1 msa
Menghala Wawasan 2020 Abu Hassan Adam 19.1 msa
Our Cultural Heritage Sabah Kadazan Cultural Association 10.9 eng
Panduan Peniaga Kecil Mahathir Mohamad 6.8 msa
Rajah Brooke's Borneo D. J. M. Tate 19.8 eng
Record & Recollection J. M. Gullick 20.3 eng
Sequel To Colonialism Willard A. Hanna 56.4 eng
Something To Remember Tunku Abdul Rahman 16.6 eng
Southeast Asian Media Jeremy Wagstaff 1.7 eng
Sultan & Perlembagaan Muhammad Kamil Awang 32.4 msa
Taiping Ibukota Perak Persatuan Muzium Malaysia 3.7 msa
Teluk Anson 100 Tahun Khoo Kay Kim 5.2 msa
Terengganu Darul Iman Roselan Abd. Malek 5.3 msa
The Craft Of Malaysia Dato Haji Sulaiman Othman, Haji Rudin Salinger, Khoo Ioo Ee, Mohd Kassim Haji Ali 32.9 eng
The Jungle Is Neutral F. Spencer Chapman 13.1 eng
The Jungle Is Neutral F. Spencer Chapman D.S.O. 26.2 eng
The Malayan Emergency Robert Jackson 13.6 eng
The Malayan Peninsula P. J. Begbie 40.9 eng
The Penang Submarines Dennis Gunton 2.1 eng
Warisan Kelantan VIII Dato Nik Mohamed B. Nik Mohd Salleh 10.4 msa
Warisan Kelantan XIII Dato Nik Mohamed B. Nik Mohd Salleh 10.9 msa
Warisan Sejarah Johor M. A. Fawzi Basri 11.0 msa
华人文化史论丛 郑良树 7.5 zho
敢叫日月换新天 潘永强、唐南发、孙和声等 145.1 zho
马来西亚华人史 宋哲美 12.1 zho
A History Of Singapore C. M. Turnbull 41.3 eng
Berjalan-Jalan Di Sini S. Othman Kelantan 30.9 msa
Biografi Maaruf Mahmud Ghazali Ngah Aziz 4.5 msa
Blimpses Of Old Penang Neil Khor Jin Keong 19.3 eng
British Rule in Malaya Robert Heussler 30.9 eng
Chinatown Kuala Lumpur Steve Bristow Edwin Lee 10.5 eng
Demokrasi Dan Diktator Amaluddin Darus 2.9 msa
Freedom From The Press George, Cherian 2.9 eng
Information On Sarawak Sarawak Information Service 11.8 eng
Insider's Kuala Lumpur Lam Seng Fatt 8.3 eng
Islam & Bisnes Jilid 2 Johor Corporation 34.1 msa
Kalau Tak Dapat Tanduk Datuk Raja Nasron 4.4 msa
Keris Laksamana Bentan Mana Sikana 8.8 msa
Kuala Lumpur 100 Years The Kuala Lumpur Municipal Council 6.4 eng
Kuala Lumpur 1880-1895 J. M. Gullick 13.1 eng
Kurik Kundi Merah Saga Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka 49.3 msa
Mahathir-The Awakening Govin Alagasari 20.4 eng
Malaysia Comes Of Ages Lee Kuan Yew 1.7 eng
Malaysia The Beautiful Jennifer Rodrigo 23.7 eng
Operations Most Secret Ian Trenowden 18.5 eng
Pak Lah Dan Pendidikan Mohd Zuber Zain 6.9 msa
Pembinaan Wawasan 2020 Mohd Syahrul Hanafi 2.3 msa
Perlis Indera Kayangan Ahmad Ismail 16.6 msa
Perlis Indera Kayangan Zurina Ismail 0.9 msa
Pertemuan Selat Melaka Abdul Latiff Abu Bakar 21.5 msa
Puisi-Puisi Kebangsaan Abdul Latif Abu Bakar 25.0 msa
Quo Vadis Wawasan 2020 Abu Bakar Hamzah 8.3 msa
Red Shadow Over Malaya Brigadier M. C. A. Henniker 23.2 eng
Sarawak Bumi Kenyalang Suraya 4.2 msa
Sejarah Malaysia Timur Mazlan Abdullah 8.4 msa
Selangor A Celebration Wan A Hulaimi 40.4 eng
Senarai Gelaran Melayu Edisi Semakan 2.5 msa
Seniman Agong P.Ramlee Harvard Club Of Malaysia 8.9 msa
Siapa Selepas Mahathir Nurshumiza Yusof 43.6 msa
Spotlight On Singapore Denis Russell-Roberts 24.7 eng
The Door Marked Malaya Oliver Crawford 14.8 eng
The Malaysian Monarchy Tunku Dara Tunku Dato' Seri Naquiah 34.7 eng
The Raja Bahrain Story Raja Bahrain Shah, Bryan Wickham 15.2 eng
Time Bombs In Malaysia Lim Kit Siang 27.5 eng
Tunku His Life & Times Mubin Sheppard 17.9 eng
Ucapan Tun Hussein Onn Arkib Negara Malaysia 18.0 msa
Without Fear Or Favour Tan Chee Khoon 25.2 eng
World Economic Outlook Richard J Buczynski 41.5 eng
convert-jpg-to-pdf.net Convert JPG to PDF online - convert-jpg-to-pdf.net 57.8 eng
convert-jpg-to-pdf.net Convert JPG to PDF online - convert-jpg-to-pdf.net 221.3 eng
convert-jpg-to-pdf.net Convert JPG to PDF online - convert-jpg-to-pdf.net 150.4 eng
Adat Dan Pantang Larang Mohd Zahari Ishak 4.8 msa
Agihan Ekonomi Penduduk Mohd Zahari Ishak 4.6 msa
Amanat Seorang Presiden Ahmad Zahid Hamidi 11.6 msa
As A Matter Of Interest Tunku Abdul Rahman 21.6 eng
Bicara Tentang Mahathir Faizal Yusup 10.3 msa
Biografi Zakaria Salleh Lily Haslina Nasir 5.5 msa
Dari Pebendaharaan Lama Penerbitan Pustaka Antara 10.6 msa
Dasar Luar Era Mahathir Chamil Wariya 10.9 msa
Esei Budaya Dan Sejarah Dr. Omar Farouk Bajunid 7.5 msa
Freedom That Never Came Dr.V.David 42.5 eng
In Defense Of Democracy Lee Lam Thye 3.1 eng
Indians In Early Malaya S. Durai Raja Singam 1.7 eng
Johor Currency Heritage Bank Negara Malaysia 2.8 eng
Main Fleet To Singapore Captain Russell Grenfell,R.N 18.1 eng
Malaysia World Of Today M. Sivaram 9.2 eng
Melaka Negeri Hang Tuah Teon Lee Kim, Norzima 1.6 msa
Memahami Dasar Kerajaan Mohd Syahrul Hanafi 2.0 msa
Negeri Kedah Darul Aman Mohd Roselan Ab. Malek 4.9 msa
Occasional Papers No. 1 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia 13.8 eng
Pembangunan Di Malaysia Wan Mohd Nor Wan Daud 6.7 msa
Permainan Galah Panjang Fieda 5.9 msa
Sandakan,The Last March Don Wall 20.9 eng
Saya Adalah Maha Firuan Mohd Sayuti Omar 14.5 msa
Siapa Selepas Tun Razak Harun Hassan 24.7 msa
Siapa Selepas Tun Razak Harun Hassan, Subky Latif 10.5 msa
Terengganu Dan Kelantan Puteri Fahsyar 9.0 msa
The Chinese In Malaysia Lee Kam Hing 41.6 eng
The Facts About Sarawak Anthony Brooke 9.6 eng
The Prehistory Of Sabah Tom & Barbara Harrisson 28.9 eng
The Shaping Of Malaysia Amarjit Kaur,Ian Metcalfe 39.6 eng
The Shaping Of Malaysia Amarjit Kaur, Ian Metcalfe 13.7 eng
The Singapore Surrender Gil Bert Mant 13.4 eng
The Tanjung Declaration The Democratic Action Party 2.8 eng
Through A Time Of Grace Justin Kirim 11.6 eng
Wacana Pengajian Melayu Hanapi Dollah 11.3 msa
12 Tahun Bersama Sarimah Zulkifli Hj. Ahmad 5.3 msa
30 Tahun Sekitar Sastera Keris Mas 17.0 msa
Antara Wawasan Dan Jumud Haji Abdul Hadi Awang 5.5 msa
Barat-Timur Dan Bom Atom Haji Mohamed Yusuf, Haji Abdul Rahim 3.9 msa
Bumi Dipijak Milik Orang Ahmad Fawzi Basri,Mohd.Idris Salleh,Shafee Saad 81.4 msa
Dasar Sosial Di Malaysia Wan Azmi Ramli 20.6 msa
E-Government In Malaysia Muhammad Rais Abdul Karim, Nazaiah Mohd Khalid 17.3 eng
Ekonomi Politik Malaysia H. Osman-Rani 33.2 msa
Hujan Panas Bawa Bencana Peter George James Dobree 8.6 msa
Kemelut Baru Pemuda UMNO Subky Latif 16.7 msa
Kemelut Baru Pemuda UMNO Subky Abdul Latif 10.3 msa
Kenangan Abadi P. Ramlee Ramli Ismail 19.8 msa
Kesultanan Melayu Melaka Muhammad Yusoff Hashim 76.0 msa
Mahathir Di Ambang Senja S. H, Alattas 21.4 msa
Mahathir Disebalik Tabir Zainuddin Maidin 17.1 msa
Malay Village & Malaysia Peter J.Wilson 6.9 eng
Malaysia Book Of Records Malaysia Book Of Records 41.5 eng
Malaysia-The Way Forward Y.A.B Dato' Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad 3.0 eng
Massacre At Parit Sulong Gilbert Mant 11.1 eng
Melayu Hilang Keberanian A.Karim Haji Abdullah 20.8 msa
Menjelajah Jelapang Padi Fauziah Abd Ralip 4.9 msa
Merdeka Melalui Malaysia Tun Datu Mustapha 6.9 msa
Miri-The Hidden Treasure Brendan 19.0 eng
Of Myths & Mystification Kua Kia Soong 12.9 eng
Operasi Tawan Terengganu Zulkifli Sulong 10.7 msa
P.Ramlee Erti Yang Sakti Ahmad Sarji 26.7 msa
P.Ramlee Yang Saya Kenal Yusnor Ef 8.9 msa
Papers On Malay Subjects R. J. Wilkinson 4.1 eng
Paradoxes Of Mahathirism Khoo Boo Teik 30.7 eng
Pendidikan Negara Bangsa Zulhilmi Paidi 23.9 msa
Pengantar Sejarah Patani Ahmad Fathy Al-Fatani 15.4 msa
Perak,The Abode Of Grace Barbara June Watson Andaya 65.7 eng
Perak-The Abode Of Grace Barbara Watson Andaya 38.0 eng
Peringatan Sejarah Johor Ernst Ulrich Kratz 12.1 msa
Peristiwa Dalam Kenangan Abdul Halim 0.5 msa
Perlembagaan Persekutuan MDC Penerbit Pencetak 32.0 msa
Perpecahan Bangsa Melayu Abdul Razak Ayub 20.7 msa
Puisi Melayu Tradisional Harun Mat Piah 38.3 msa
Rafidah Aziz-Sans Malice Zhou Mei 7.6 eng
Rakyat Menuntut Keadilan Abu Miqdad 22.6 msa
Rape Of The Dream People Richard Noone 17.2 eng
Sarawak Natural Heritage Peter Anderson 6.6 eng
Sarawak Report 1963-1983 Malaysia Information Services 25.2 eng
Sejarah Indo-China Moden Philippe Devillers 31.9 msa
Seminar Sejarah Malaysia Persatuan Sejarah 4.2 msa
Sempatkah Ghafar Jadi PM Zabidi Haji Saidi 5.1 msa
The Making Of A Malaysia J. Pairin Kitingan 37.4 eng
The Monarchy In Malaysia Tan Chee Khoon 2.8 eng
The Road To Independence Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra 13.5 eng
The Spear & The Kerambit A. Navaratnam 16.5 eng
The Struggle For The MCA Lao Zhong 10.3 eng
The Western Malay States Khoo Kay Kim 18.3 eng
Towards National Harmony Mohd. Daud Bin Abdul Rahman 0.8 eng
Trade Unionism In Malaya Alex Josey 8.8 eng
Transformation In Malaya J. B. Perry Robinson 14.6 eng
Trilogi Busa, Busa Kalbu Arena Wati 32.4 msa
Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad Associated Educational Distributors 5.5 msa
Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Associated Educational Distributors 6.9 msa
Wanita, Takhta Dan Kuasa SyedHusseinAlattas 33.5 msa
Warisan Persuratan Johor Yayasan Warisan Johor 35.6 msa
从义兴到宽柔学村 郑良树 1.1 zho
华人与东南亚经济 文平强、许光达 1.1 zho
廿四节令鼓的创造 安焕然 3.0 zho
新加坡共和国宪法 未知 0.3 zho
新加坡的精英教育 李晓明 0.3 zho
20 Tahun Barisan Nasional Nusantara Publishing 8.1 msa
A Short History Of Malaya Dartford 15.4 eng
Asia's New Little Dragons Steven Schlossstein 43.6 eng
Bahtera Lama Nakhoda Baru Syed Hussien Alattas 14.3 msa
Civics For Young Malayans E. H. Dobby 6.3 eng
Civics Is Good Government C. Micheal, T. Daniel 11.2 eng
Dari Sinologi Ke Indologi Li Chuan Siu 11.1 msa
Datuk Onn Yang Saya Kenal Datuk Ahmad Boestaman 7.1 msa
Di Pesisiran Sungai Johor Kamarudin Ab. Razak 8.7 msa
Diary Of A Girl In Changi Sheila Allan 11.8 eng
Economic Report 1980-1982 Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia 75.1 msa
Economic Report 2003-2004 Ministry Of Finance Malaysia 27.2 eng
Emergency & Confrontation Peter Dennis 41.1 eng
Erti Kemerdekaan Malaysia Rosnah Din 3.4 msa
Grim Glory Epic Of Malaya Gilbert Mant 4.8 eng
In-Sights Malaysian Poems Malachi Edwin Vethamani 1.8 eng
Insurance Law Of Malaysia Dr. Myint Soe 26.6 eng
Kemunculan Malaysia Moden Azmah Abdul Manaf 10.8 msa
Kemunculan Malaysia Moden Azman Abdul Manaf 12.1 msa
Kesan Selepas Perhimpunan Pahrol Mohamad Juoi 3.6 msa
Kuala Lumpur In Postcards Major David Ng 12.7 eng
Laporan Ekonomi 1972-1975 Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia 56.2 msa
Laporan Ekonomi 1976-1977 Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia 54.4 msa
Lintasan Politik Malaysia Amaluddin Darus 7.7 msa
Mahathir The Wake-Up Call Hasan Hamzah 9.3 eng
Mahathir's Administration Ho Khai Leong & James Chin 23.7 eng
Malaysia & Its Neighbours J. M. Gullick 14.6 eng
Malaysia The Modern World T. E. Smith, John Bastin 8.2 eng
Malaysian Critical Issues Kua Kia Soong 10.3 eng
Malaysian Political Myths Kua Kia Soong 14.3 eng
Malaysian Trees In Colour H. F. Chin, I. C. Enoch 20.3 eng
Media Freedom In Malaysia Mohd Azizuddin Mohd Sani 2.1 eng
Memoir Abdul Majid Salleh Universti Kebangsaan Malaysia 12.1 msa
Menuju Kelahiran Malaysia Ibrahim Ismail 11.3 msa
Naskah Melayu-Syair Agung Zahir Ahmad 48.8 msa
Nineteenth Century Malaya C. D. Cowan 24.9 eng
P. Ramlee-The Bright Star James Harding 18.1 eng
PAS Kuala Selangor VS Apu Muhayat Haji Yusuf 24.1 msa
Pahang Sejarah Dan Budaya Norazit Selat 11.9 msa
Papers On Malayan History K. G. Tregonning 20.9 eng
Pentadbiran Awam Malaysia Wan Azmi Ramli 54.3 msa
Perjalanan Mencari Hikmah Abdullah Hussain 35.0 msa
Pioneers Of Malaysian Art Tan Chee Khuan 57.8 eng
Refugee From The Japanese Dorothy Thatcher 13.8 eng
Rugby A Malaysian Chapter Ng Peng Kong 22.7 eng
Sabah The First 100 Years Cecilia Leong 15.5 eng
Sarawak Research & Theory Mario D. Zamora, Vinson H. Sutlive, Nathan Altshuler 12.0 eng
Sarawak-30 Years & Beyond Sarawak Government 23.2 eng
Satukan Hangat Dan Dingin V. I. Braginsky 39.6 msa
Serangkai Warisan Sejarah A. Samad Ahmad 9.6 msa
Seribu Wajah Dr. Mahathir Utusan Publication & Distributors 34.0 msa
Silsilah Melayu Dan Bugis Arena Wati 16.7 msa
Singa, The Lion Of Malaya Hugh Barnes 25.3 eng
Soldier Surgeon In Malaya Thomas Hamilton 17.5 eng
The Challenges Of Turmoil Mahathir Mohamad 2.6 eng
The Escape From Singapore Richard Gouch 16.3 eng
The Formation Of Malaysia Willard A. Hanna 29.4 eng
The Story Of Kuala Lumpur J. M. Gullick 10.4 eng
Young Traveller In Malaya Donald Moore 9.7 eng
A Brief History Of Kuching Sarawak Museum Occasional 1.4 eng
A History Of Modern Malaya K. G. Tregonning 28.1 eng
Area Handbook For Malaysia Nena Vreeland 91.5 eng
Baling Membuka Jalan Damai Wahba 21.6 msa
Bapa Pembangunan Tun Razak Ahmad Bujang, Mohd. Sahari Nordin 3.0 msa
Chinese A Cultural History Khoo Joo Ee 33.7 eng
Coconut Industry In Malaya H. L. Coghlan 1.2 eng
Edmund Terence Gomez (edt) Politics in Malaysia: The Malay Dimension 0.9 eng
Ekonomi Dan Politik Melayu Norazit Selat 63.0 msa
Forestry & The Environment Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia 18.6 eng
Gelaran Orang Melayu Perak Mohd. Zulkifli Hj. Abdul Aziz 3.2 msa
Harun Dedah Rasuah Politik Ainnol Jamaal 4.3 msa
Images Of Asia Old Malacca Sarnia Hayes Hoyt 6.9 eng
Karya Agung, Pantun Melayu Harun Mat Piah 65.0 msa
Kedah 100 Tahun, 1900-2000 Mohamad Sukeri Khalid 23.0 msa
Kedah Selepas Perang Kulim Thow Eng Kee 1.5 msa
Kenapa Saya Tinggalkan PAS Amaluddin Darus 11.1 msa
Kesusasteraan Melayu Moden Hamzah Hamdani 21.3 msa
Malay Political Leadership Anthony S. K. Shome 19.0 eng
Malaysia Pimpinan Mahathir Abu Hassan Adam 20.7 msa
Malaysia-Age Of Revolution Lee Kuan Yew 4.0 eng
Maruah Bangsa-Melayu Gagal Chan Tse Yuen 29.7 msa
Naskah Melayu, Syair Agung Zahir Ahmad 52.3 msa
Negeri Perak Darul Ridzuan Mohd. Roselan Ab. Malek 6.5 msa
Penang Island Of Contrasts Dennis M. Allen 6.6 eng
People, Issues & Media Use Syed Arabi Idid, Mazini Hj Buyong 11.3 eng
Perang Saudara Di Selangor A. Talib Bin Haji Ahmad 5.4 msa
Politik Dan Agama Di Sabah Ismail Yusoff 16.0 msa
Race Relations In Malaysia Wan Hashim 10.2 eng
Rahim Tamby Chik-Penggerak Noor S. M 12.1 eng
Revolusi Istana Dan Rakyat Syed Hussein Alattas 30.1 msa
Samy Vellu & Maika Scandal Lim Kit Siang 15.2 msa
Sarawak Annual Report 1957 Sarawak Office 13.3 eng
Segamat Sejarah & Mitosnya Drs. Ungku Mohd Zaman Tahir 8.0 msa
Sejarah Penubuhan Malaysia Zarina Syukor 1.9 msa
Sejarah Perkembangan Islam Mohd Jamil Mukmin 28.6 msa
Sejarah Thai Zaman Bangkok Kobkua Suwannathat-Pian 22.0 msa
Selangor Dahulu & Sekarang Khoo Kay Kim 16.5 msa
Siapa Tipu Siapa-Desperado Dr Muhammad Azree & Sudirman Hj. Ahmad 9.0 msa
SixthMalaysiaPlan1991-1995 Malaysia 44.0 eng
Sport & Motoring In Malaya Theodore R. Hubback 3.2 eng
Suka Duka Politik Mahathir Hasan Hj. Hamzah 35.3 msa
Sumpah Berlaku Tuah Meluru Ismail Hanapiah 2.9 msa
Tamadun Awal Lembah Bujang Mohd Sufian Sabtu 17.1 msa
Tamadun Melayu, Jilid Enam A. Aziz Deraman 71.6 msa
Tempat Jatuh Lagi Dikenang Kadir Ahmad 5.5 msa
The Genesis Of Konfrontasi Greg Poulgrain 19.8 eng
The Green Horizon Malaysia Yong Hoi Sen 21.7 eng
Tun Razak His Life & Times William Shaw 25.0 eng
Tuntutan Perjuangan Bangsa Sanusi Junid 43.2 msa
Twentieth Century Malaysia Kalyan Kumar Ghosh 11.4 eng
Wasiat Nasionalisme Melayu Alias Mohamed 3.6 msa
Who Lives If Malaysia Dies C. V. Devan Nair 16.2 eng
Woodsmoke & Temple Flowers Jean Falconer 24.6 eng
Asean One Region One Vision Kuah Guan Oo 19.8 eng
Bibliografi Tun Abdul Razak Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia 7.7 msa
Biografi Siti Aminah Yusoff Lily Haslina Nasir 5.8 msa
Budimu Dalam Lipatan Hatiku Ummu Sal 1.1 msa
Contract Labour In Malaysia Kiong-Hock Lee, A. Sivananthiran 1.4 eng
EighthMalaysiaPlan2001-2005 Malaysia 60.9 eng
Ethnic Politics In Malaysia R K Vasil 5.6 eng
Faded Spledour, Golden Past Ellen Corwin Cangi 4.5 eng
Fasa Kedua-Mahathir Mohamad Aziz Zariza Ahmad 31.4 msa
Federal Contitution & Index MDC Publishers Printers 10.0 eng
Hubungan Malaysia Indonesia Kunasselan Muniandy 17.7 msa
Intan Milestones Of Success Public Service Department Malaysia 8.8 eng
Kesinambungan Dan Perubahan Chamil Warya 23.4 msa
Konvensyen Barisan Nasional Nusantara Publishing 11.6 eng
Krisis UMNO-Dilema Mahathir Yahaya Ismail 4.4 msa
Kualiti Hidup Malaysia 1999 Unit Perancang Ekonomi Jabatan Perdana Menteri 14.6 msa
Kualiti Hidup Malaysia 2002 Unit Perancang Ekonomi Jabatan Perdana Menteri 21.4 msa
Legend & History Of Sarawak Chang Pat Foh 32.4 eng
Mahathir's Econmic Policies Jomo 12.6 eng
Maka Merdekalah Negara Kita Zakiah Hanum 35.6 msa
Malaysia-Indonesia Conflict A.G. Mezerik 13.2 eng
Masalah Melayu Pulau Pinang Yahaya Ismail 6.4 msa
Masyarakat Malaysia Edisi 2 Zuraina Majid 33.5 msa
Memo Kepada Perdana Menteri S.H. Alattas 21.5 msa
Memo Kepada Perdana Menteri S. H. Alattas 21.5 msa
Negeri Selangor Darul Ehsan Yusman Ayob 5.2 msa
Patani Dalam Tamadun Melayu Mohd. Zamberi A. Malek 23.2 msa
Pejuang-Pejuang Kemerdekaan Ramlah Adam 40.2 msa
Pensejarah Melayu 1800-1960 Muhd Yusof Ibrahim 10.7 msa
Peranan Ulama Dalam Politik Yab Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz 3.0 msa
Perdana Menteri Yang Kelima S. H. Alattas 18.9 msa
Racial Politics In Malaysia Goh Cheng Teik 17.0 eng
Rosli Dhobi Di Tali Gantung Rudi Affendi Haji Khalik 8.3 msa
Sasterawan Negara Keris Mas A. Karim Abdullah, A. Rahim Abdullah 24.9 msa
Sejarah Kedah Sepintas Lalu Haji Ibrahim Ismail 18.0 msa
Spectrum Of Chinese Culture Lee Siow Mong 26.2 eng
THE MYTH OF THE LAZY NATIVE Gautham Sarang 1.5 eng
The Burney Papers, Volume 1 D. K. Wyatt 48.6 eng
The Burney Papers, Volume 2 D. K. Wyatt 47.1 eng
The Burney Papers, Volume 3 D. K. Wyatt 30.9 eng
The Burney Papers, Volume 4 D. K. Wyatt 21.3 eng
The Civil Defence Of Malaya Sir George Maxwell 5.3 eng
The Green Howards In Malaya Major J. B. Oldfeild 16.9 eng
The Mahathir Administration Mustapa Mohamed 1.5 eng
The War Of The Running Dogs Noel Barber 21.5 eng
The White Rajahs Of Sarawak Robert Payne 13.3 eng
Tokoh-Tokoh Seni Bina Moden Zulkifli Hanafi 8.3 msa
Tropical Rain Over My Heart Irene Goh 8.7 eng
Tunku Tokoh Sepanjang Zaman Tan Sri Khir Johari 3.2 msa
Tunku-A Pictorial Biography Mubin Sheppard 16.4 msa
Ucapan Tun Hussien Onn 1979 Arkib Negara Malaysia 18.0 msa
Wajah Baru Politik Malaysia Ahmad Lutfi Othman 22.9 msa
Yakin Boleh, Malaysia Boleh Mohamad Ismail Ahmad 3.0 msa
You Can Never Go Home Again James St. Andre 0.8 eng
国家外劳政策与实践 蔡明璋、陈嘉慧 1.4 zho
新馬峇峇文學的研究 黃慧敏 6.8 zho
馬來西亞華人的困境 楊建成 326.2 zho
A History Of Malaya Volume 2 F. J. Moorhead 19.3 eng
A Short Walk Through Sarawak Mike Reed 4.3 eng
A White Headhunter In Borneo Stephen Holley 4.9 eng
Amalan Demokrasi Berparlimen Noor Azilawati Mohd Sabda 2.0 msa
Anak Kampung Jadi YB Di Kota Amir Machmood 9.0 msa
Challenger-Siapa Lawan Siapa S. H. Alattas 24.5 msa
Chinese Business In Malaysia Edmund Terence Gomez 11.3 eng
Cultural Heritage Of Sarawak Lucas Chin 11.2 eng
Curi Balak Macam Curi Mancis Haji BuniyaminYaakob 2.1 msa
DAIM Insan di Sebalik Enigma Cheong Mei Sui, Adibah Amin 37.1 msa
DARA-Dalam Sejarah 1971-1999 Lembaga Kemajuan Pahang Tenggara 17.9 msa
Dasar-Dasar Ekonomi Mahathir Jomo 13.2 msa
Dialog Intraperadaban Melayu Pusat Dialog Peradaban Univeriti Malaya 5.9 msa
Dilema Pemuda Melayu Kemelut Kamal Amir 8.9 msa
Dinamisme Mohd Khalil Yaakob Abdul Wahab Mohamad Ali 16.4 msa
Elites & Regimes In Malaysia William Case 19.8 eng
Floating On A Malayan Breeze Sudhir Thomas Vadaketh 2.8 eng
Glimpses From Sarawak's Past Joan Lo 8.5 eng
Islam Misunderstood Religion Mahathir Mohamad 3.6 eng
Islam Misunderstood Religion Dr.Mahathir Mohammad 3.1 eng
Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia Fong Peng Khuan 39.9 eng
Islamic Cemeteries In Patani Wayne A. Bougas 5.4 eng
Kelantan Digugat Dan Digugat Tarmizi Mohd Jam 39.5 msa
Krisis UMNO- Dilema Mahathir Yahaya Ismail 11.1 msa
Mahathir's Economic Policies Jomo 14.1 eng
Malayan Federalism 1945-1963 B. Simandjuntak 23.3 eng
Malayan Orders & Decorations E.H.O' Toole, Haji Abdul Mubin Sheppard 9.7 eng
Malaysia & The Ancient World W. Williams 3.6 eng
Malaysia A Pictorial History Wendy Khadijah Moore 59.8 eng
Malaysia Wonders & Contrasts Peter Chay 48.2 eng
Malaysia's Political Economy 未知 172.0 eng
Malaysia's Political Economy Edmund Terence Gomez, Jomo K. S 16.5 eng
Malaysia's Political Economy Edmund Terence Gomez, Jomok K. S 18.5 msa
Malaysia-Singapore Relations Datuk Abdullah Bin Hj. Ahmad Badawi 1.8 eng
Malaysia-Splendour & Wonders C.T. Fong 36.3 eng
Masyarakat Melayu Abad Ke-19 Jawatankuasa Kolokium, Jabatan Sejarah, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia 8.6 msa
Menangani Cabaran Masa Depan Taha Kasim, Lian Kaliew 14.3 msa
National Culture & Democracy Kua Kia Soong 8.1 eng
Negeri Terengganu Darul Iman Mohd. Roselan Ab Malek 4.7 msa
Pantun Melayu Warisan Bangsa Amina Haji Noor 2.4 msa
Papers Relating To Trengganu Tun Mohamed Suftian bin Hashim 11.6 eng
Papineau's Guide To Malaysia Aristide J.G. Papineau 15.9 eng
Pembangunan Pahang 1961-1965 Pejabat Penerangan Negeri Pahang 43.9 msa
Pemimpin Politik Dan Firasat S. H. Alattas 17.0 msa
Pendidikan Negara Abad Ke-21 Siti Fatimah Mohd Yassin 0.2 msa
Politik Melayu Dan Demokrasi Yusof Ismail & Khayati Ibrahim 14.6 msa
Sabah Of The Sacred Mountain Albert C.K. Teo 8.0 eng
Sarawak The Plot That Failed Yu Loon Ching 15.7 eng
Scorpio The Communist Eraser Leong Chee Woh 22.3 eng
Sekali Penyu Menyusur Pantai Sharif Putera 43.8 msa
Selamat Tinggal Era Mahathir Lee Ban Chen 15.5 msa
Selepas Mahathir Peluang PAS Ahmad Lutfi Othman 29.2 msa
Seratus Negara Asia Tenggara BC Tan 4.1 msa
Siapa Ketua Pemuda UMNO Ke10 Mohd Sayuti Omar 9.1 msa
Siri Masa Perangkaan Penting Jabatan Perangkaan Malaysia 7.7 msa
Southeast Asian Affairs 1975 Institute Of Southeast Asian Studies 29.2 eng
Tak Sesungguh Seluang Melaut Ismail Saleh 5.4 msa
Terengganu Dahulu & Sekarang Abdullah Zakaria Ghazali 20.5 msa
The Malaysian Capital Market Chris Butler 3.5 eng
The Malaysian Economy Beyond Lee Kiong Hock 33.0 eng
Tuah Nasib Pemimpin Malaysia S. H. Alattas 17.0 msa
Tuanku Tokoh Sepanjang Zaman Tan Sri Khir Johari 3.2 msa
Under Chartered Company Rule K. G. Tregonning 20.7 eng
Warisan Budaya Utara Selatan Shaidun Haji Shaari, Inzura Haji Kosnin 7.7 msa
A Random Walk In Kuala Lumpur Lucien De Prycker 23.1 eng
Anwar Ibrahim Cekal dan Tabah J.Victor Morais 7.8 msa
Anwar Ibrahim-Mimpi & Realiti Mohd Sayuti Omar 10.4 msa
Archeological Work In Sarawak Lucas Chin 1.3 eng
Asean-Toward The 21st Century Ranjit Gill 12.3 eng
Bruno Manser The Inside Story James Ritchie 18.6 eng
Catatan Sepanjang Sungai Muar Haji Aris Bin Haji Md. Tahir 1.6 msa
Colony Nation & Globalisation Eddie Tay 1.5 eng
Darah Mengalir Di Pasir Salak A. Talib Haji Ahmad 1.9 msa
Dasar-Dasar Kerajaan Malaysia Yusof Ismail, Khayati Ibrahim 19.4 msa
Glimpses Of Malaysian History Datuk Zainal Abidin Bin Abdul Wahid 4.2 eng
Imperialism In Southeast Asia Nicholas Tarling 28.3 eng
Islam Nationalism & Democracy Audrey Kahin 13.6 eng
Journalin The Federal Capital George L. Peet 11.5 eng
Kuching In Pictures 1841-1946 Ho Ah Chon 20.4 eng
Mahathir A Profile In Courage J. Victor Morais 19.7 eng
Mahathir Machiavelli Malaysia Zakry Abadi 21.1 msa
Mahathir Triumph After Trials Aziz Zariza Ahmad 41.6 eng
Malaya Through Four Centuries N. J. Ryan 9.9 eng
Malaysia In The Dangerous 80s Lim Kit Siang 30.5 eng
Malaysia Satu Imbasan Sejarah Puteri Fahsyar 7.8 msa
Malaysia's Electoral Upheaval James Chin, Wong Chin Huat 0.8 eng
Malaysia-Satu Imbasan Sejarah Puteri Fahsyar 9.0 msa
Malaysian Political Realities Kua Kia Soong 8.9 eng
Mengapa Saya Tentang Mahathir Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah 11.1 msa
National Budget Malaysia 1999 MDC Publishers Printers 5.9 eng
Negeri Sarawak Bumi Kenyalang Mohamed Roselan Abdul Malek 6.4 msa
New & Different Or Simply New Dunlap, Lillian Rae 7.4 eng
Old Sarawak A Pictorial Study Graig Lockard 14.5 eng
Pendeta Za' Ba Dalam Kenangan Abdullah Hussain 26.6 msa
Puisi Baharu Melayu 1961-1986 Ahmad Kamal Abdullah 36.3 msa
Restless Spirits North Borneo Bente Delmas 8.6 eng
Sejarah Johor Moden 1855-1940 M. A. Fawzi Basri 21.6 msa
Sejarah Perlembagaan Malaysia Tan Sri Mohd Salleh Abas 3.5 msa
Sejenak Dengan Sulaiman Alias K Publishing & Distributors 11.5 msa
Singapore,Too Little Too Late Ivan Simson 13.9 eng
Siri Tokoh Baka Pendita Za'ba Ahmad Bujang, Mohd. Sahari Nordin 1.6 msa
Six Years In The Malay Jungle Carveth Wells 17.1 eng
Tarikh Salasilah Negeri Kedah Muhammad Hassan 22.2 msa
Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore Russell F. Moore 12.5 eng
The Blockade Of Kedah In 1838 Sherard Osborn 18.4 eng
The Chinese In Southeast Asia Victor Purcell 66.0 eng
The Making Of Sabah 1865-1941 D. S. Ranjit Singh 25.2 eng
The Nascent Malaysian Society H. M. Dahlan 6.2 eng
The Origins Of British Borneo L. R. Wright 18.9 eng
The Sultan & The Constitution Muhammad Kamil Awang 28.2 eng
Ucapan-Ucapan Tun Hussein Onn Arkib Negara Malaysia 15.1 msa
Wan Mat Saman Pembina Terusan Siri Satria Negara 1.4 msa
Who Won The Malayan Emergency Herbert Andrew 7.2 eng
A Directory Of Malaysian Gifts Matrade 2.4 eng
A Gambling Style Of Government Ian Black 19.4 eng
Beruas, Kerajaan Kuno Di Perak Othman Mohd. Yatim 9.9 msa
Biografi Tokoh Wanita Malaysia Pertiwi 36.4 msa
Cara Pemerintahan Tanah Melayu Tan Sri Dato' Abdullah Bin Ayub 14.9 msa
Commemorative History Of Sabah Anwar Sullivan 41.4 eng
Daim Yang Diam Sebuah Biografi Fatini Yaacob 13.9 msa
Dari Pulau Adang Ke Pulau Tiga Wan Shamsuddin Mohd. Yusof 4.2 msa
From The People For The People Ahmad Mokhtar Hj. Mohamad 6.1 eng
Glimpses Of Selangor 1860-1898 J. M. Gullick 21.9 eng
Heroes Of The Land Of Hornbill Chang Pat Foh 16.5 eng
Internal Migration In Malaysia Tan Swee Heng 7.9 eng
Jenayah Akademik Pemimpin UMNO M Danish, A Fauzan 7.5 msa
Johor Bahru-Bandaraya Era Baru Majlis Bandaraya Johor Bahru 8.9 msa
Kerajaan Melayu Singapura Lama Ali Aziz 2.2 msa
Konfrontasi Malaysia Indonesia Nik Anuar Nik Mahmud 19.9 eng
Kyoto Review Of Southeast Asia Donna J. Amoroso 22.0 eng
Madah Perdana-Penggerak Bangsa Amidah Hamim 6.1 msa
Malaysia Government & Politics Verinder Grover 51.1 eng
Malaysia Prospect & Retrospect Richard Allen 65.6 eng
Malaysia-A Multi-Racialsociety Brian Kennedy 1.9 eng
Masyarakat Malaysia Orang Cina Siti Razman Hj. Idris 4.1 msa
Memoir Bukan Seorang Konformis Mohd Salleh Daud 9.9 msa
Notes From The Sarawak Gazette J. C. Moulton 2.5 eng
Perisytiharan Kod Etika Diraja Abu Bakar Hamzah J.P 5.6 msa
Permainan Masa Lapang Malaysia Lembaga Perpaduan Negara 4.3 msa
Politik Melayu-Ingin Perubahan Abdul Khaliq 4.6 msa
Portugis Siri Sejarah Tanahair Sulaiman Zakaria 2.2 msa
Poverty In Peninsular Malaysia Salleh Bin Ismail 5.6 eng
Readings In Malaysian Politics Bruce Gale 21.2 eng
Refleksi-Koleksi Bukan Fiksyen Jasni Matlani 18.4 msa
Selepas Mahathir UMNO For Sale Ahmad Lufti Othman 28.5 eng
Seminar Sejarah Malaysia Ke II Satinam Rijal 10.2 msa
Singapore-Path To Independence V Suryanarayan 17.8 eng
Southeast Asia The Way Forward Rohana Mahmood, Thangam Ramnath 10.1 eng
The Allied Japanese Conspiracy James Mackay 7.0 eng
The British In Sabah & Sarawak Goodmark Enterprise 1.8 eng
The Circumstance Of Malay Life Winstedt 3.1 eng
The Failure Of Project Eyeball Marc Edge 0.1 eng
The Kingdom Of Johor 1641-1728 Leonard Y. Andaya 32.4 eng
The Public Service Of Malaysia Ahmad Sarji B. Abdul Hamid 18.1 eng
This Day In The Last 18 Months Lim Kit Siang 7.8 eng
Tinjauan Baru Politik Malaysia Maizatul Hiazan Mahbob 12.7 msa
Towards Excellence Through ISO Government Of Malaysia - The Civil Service Of Malaysia 11.3 eng
Tun Razak Prince Of Titiwangsa Shariff Ahmad 11.9 eng
Tun Razak Profile Of A Patriot Zainuddin Maidin 117.6 eng
Tunku-Idealisme Dalam Kenangan Yusof Harun 76.4 msa
Ucapan Tunku Abdul Rahman 1957 Arkib Negara Malaysia 12.3 msa
Warisan Santapan Darul Ridzuan Qalam Seri Ridzuaniah 18.1 msa
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马来西亚印度人的处境 罗圣荣 0.5 zho
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British Malaya Trade & Commerce Malay State Information Agency 3.8 eng
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Faces In The Corridors Of Power Rais Yatim 29.2 eng
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Layakkah Anwar Ketuai Reformasi Ahmad Lutfi Othman 14.1 msa
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Malaysia Research & Development 未知 24.8 eng
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Pengetahuan Kenegaraan Malaysia Tengku Anuar 23.3 msa
Perjuangan Anti-Cession Sarawak Haji Mohammad Hasbie Sulaiman 14.9 msa
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Reginal Outlook, Southeast Asia Institute Of Southeast Asian Studies 8.3 eng
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Sejarah Masyarakat Melayu Moden Khoo Kay Kim 25.3 msa
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Battle For Democracy In Malaysia Lim Kit Siang 22.2 eng
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Musa Hitam-A Political Biography Bruce Gale 48.8 eng
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And The Dawn Came Up Like Thunder Leo Rawlings 13.2 eng
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Japanese Empire In The Tropics II Ooi Keat Gin 29.0 eng
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Malaysian Politics Under Mahathir R. S. Milne, Diane K. Mauzy 21.4 eng
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The Malay Peninsula & Archipelago Ashley Gibson 11.5 eng
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西马乡区族群土地所有权 文平强 5.2 zho
跨越国际航运要道的桥梁 Mohd Hazmi bin Mohd Rusli 2.4 zho
馬來西亞勞動力素質分析 謝東翰 1.8 zho
马来西亚共产党文件选编 中共中央对外联络部 3.8 zho
马来西亚马来至上之研究 陈贞荣 2.6 zho
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Authoritarian Populism In Malaysia Anne Munro-Kua 15.0 eng
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Keluarga Diraja Kelantan Darulnaim Mohd. Zain Saleh 16.9 msa
Krisis MCA-Ujian Prinsip Demokrasi Dr. Ting Chew Peh 12.3 msa
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Pemikiran Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad Ramlah Adam 12.1 msa
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Perpecahan Bangsa Dan Penyelesaian Fadzil Mohd Nor, Abdul Hadi Awang 2.1 msa
Piracy Paramountcy & Protectorates Alfred P. Rubin 4.4 eng
Prasejarah Kepulauan Indo-Malaysia Peter Bellwood 47.9 msa
Razaleigh Cita-Cita Dan Perjuangan Ranjit Gill 15.8 msa
Sejarah Sosial Masyarakat Malaysia Azmah Abdul Manaf 27.4 msa
Siri Kenegaraan Penubuhan Malaysia Teh Rohaya Yusoh, Sulaiman Zakaria 1.6 msa
Siti Hasmah-Citra Wanita Dua Zaman Azizah Mokhzani 24.2 msa
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The Malay Peninsula In Hindu Times H. G. Quaritch Wales 14.9 eng
The Malays Their Problems & Future S. Husin Ali 6.1 eng
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Asean Relations & Dialogue Partners B. A. Hamzah 5.4 eng
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Dr Mahathir Menangis Demi Bangsanya Simfoni Gemilang 13.4 msa
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The Secret Of The Malaysian Success Mahathir 20.6 eng
Thought For Today & News Of The Day Zakiah Hanum 8.8 eng
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Koleksi Ucapan Mahathir-Antarabangsa Abas Bin Salleh KMN 87.6 msa
Krisis Politik & Ekonomi di Malaysia Lim Kit Siang 7.3 msa
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Nation-Bulding In Malaysia 1946-1974 James P. Ongkili 21.3 eng
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Perkembangan Ekonomi Dan Pembangunan Muhamad Ismail Ahmad 6.1 msa
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Sanusi-Setiap Sudut Adalah Keputusan Aziz Zariza Ahmad 22.0 msa
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Siri Tanah Airku Wilayah Persekutuan Suraya 2.0 msa
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馬來西亞外籍勞工發展趨勢 蔡君豪 0.9 zho
马来西亚华人佛教信仰研究 白玉国 18.9 zho
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Conflict Management In Southeast Asia Murugesu Pathmanathan 4.0 eng
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Ma' Betisek Concepts Of Living Things Wazir-Jahan Karim 20.1 eng
Malaysia A Visitors Tropical Paradise Mandarin Tours & Travel 7.1 eng
Malaysia Today-Without Fear Or Favour Tan Chee Khoon 23.4 eng
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World Famous Personalities In History P. N. Fasma, SMSI 16.0 eng
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Looking Back-Monday Musings & Memories Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra 26.6 eng
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Masalah Sosial Dan Politik Di Malaysia Prof. Khoo Kay Kim 8.7 msa
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Penulis Dan Ahli Politik Sehingga 1948 Ishak Haji Muhammad 5.1 msa
Politik Mahathir Langkah & Perhitungan Rahman Shaari 15.4 msa
Politik Mahathir-Langkah & Perhitungan Rahman Shaari 16.2 eng
Politik Melayu Indeks Akhbar 1989-1990 Ismail Yusoff & Rosnah Yusof 9.2 msa
Regional Co-Operation & Asian Recovery Peter Petri 24.9 eng
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Islamic Civilization In The Malay World Mohd. Taib Osman 35.9 eng
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Kaedah Islam Dan Implikasi Perang Teluk Haji Abdul Hadi Awang 2.4 msa
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Malaysia Wonderland Of Nature & Culture Heidi Munan, Foo Yuk Yee 13.8 eng
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Profil Keluarga Family Profile Malaysia Lembaga Penduduk Dan Pembangunan Keluarga Negara 11.8 eng
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Tunku Abdul Rahman Dan Tun Abdul Razak] AzalinaMokhtar 1.9 msa
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一个马来西亚,两种社会契约 诺拉妮·奥托曼 & 玛维斯·普都哲里 & 克莱夫·凯斯勒 120.5 zho
中国湖南马共秘密电台大曝光 徐泽荣 0.2 zho
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新新关系看新山人如何新加坡 土司工作室 29.8 zho
浅议马来西亚的非法移民问题 文峰 0.7 zho
马来亚共产党历史文献与文学 潘婉明 15.1 zho
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马来西亚华文报涉华报道研究 翁倩 5.2 zho
马来西亚国立大学法人化研究 岑劲霈 1.4 zho
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Negara Dengan Elonomi Membangun Malaysia Jonathan Rowel 4.9 msa
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Piawaian Perancangan Kawasan Perdagangan Jabatan Perancangan Bandar dan Desa 2.2 msa
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South East Asia Colonial History, Volume 5 Paul H. Kratoska 38.7 eng
South East Asia Colonial History, Volume 6 Paul H. Kratoska 41.7 eng
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五一三事件華人之集體記憶探討 林嬡婷 3.1 zho
全球化话语下的中国及马来西亚 何国忠 294.6 zho
馬來西亞婦女勞動力參與率分析 劉蕓蕓 0.8 zho
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马来西亚柔佛朝人的开垦与拓殖 安焕然 2.0 zho
马来西亚殡葬政策的理解与讨论 王璟发 3.7 zho
马来西亚消除农村贫困经验考察 韦红 0.4 zho
20 Perkara Dakwaan Penyelewengan Dan Ulasan Pandikar Amin Hj. Mulia 5.7 msa
A Buzz In Cyberspace, But No Net-Revolution Kai Portmann 0.2 eng
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Islam In Asia, Changing Political Realities Jason F. Isaacson 23.3 eng
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Pre-Colonial State Systems In Southest Asia Anthony Reid, Lance Castles 41.8 eng
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The Formation Of The Federation Of Malaysia Ho Ah Chon 43.6 eng
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Regional Development & The Pacific Community Hashim Makaruddin 4.2 eng
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Pak Sako-Manusia Rolling Stone Yang Luarbiasa Utusan Melayu 2.2 msa
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The Correct Date Of The Trengganu Inscription Muhammad Naguib Al-Attas 0.7 eng
The Media & Migrant Labour Issues In Malaysia Kiranjit Kaur 1.5 eng
The Origins of the Malayan Communist Uprising The Origins of the Malayan Communist Uprising 0.1 eng
The Regulation Of Insider Trading In Malaysia Kang Shew Meng 6.6 eng
The Second University Detention Under The ISA Kassim Ahmad 6.0 eng
The State & Ethnic Politics In Southeast Asia David Brown 31.0 eng
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國族論述下的新加坡華人聚落變遷 葉韻翠 5.3 zho
李光耀民主社會主義的形成與消失 李偉欽 1.3 zho
砂拉越福州人經濟發展(1900-1962 年) 郑毓瑩 5.0 zho
馬來西亞「獨立大學」籌建之探討 曹淑瑶 2.1 zho
马来西亚华文报纸与族群认同建构 黄国富 123.7 zho
马来西亚国家利益与对华政策转变 廖小健 0.7 zho
马来西亚客家人的宗教信仰与实践 王琛发 69.0 zho
马来西亚宽柔专科部的兴办与蜕变 曹淑瑶 8.1 zho
马来西亚新纪元学院的传承与转型 高伟哲 0.6 zho
马来西亚高等教育国际化策略分析 洁安娜姆、洪成文 0.4 zho
Ancaman Nasionalis Sekular Ekstrim Di Malaysia Ustaz Abdul Basir Alias 14.8 msa
At The Court Of Pelesu & Other Malayan Stories Hugh Clifford 13.1 eng
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Konvensyen UMNO Negeri Pahang 13-15 April 1985 Dato' Haji Mohd Najib 37.0 msa
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Angin Wayang, A Biography Of A Master Puppeteer Ghulam-Sarwar Yousof 12.1 eng
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Chinese Enterprise, Transnationalism & Identity Edmund Terence Gomez & Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao 3.2 eng
Chinese Village Politics In The Malaysian State Judith Strauch 21.1 eng
Contentious Journalism & The Internet Advantage Cherian George 14.5 eng
Garis Panduan Perancangan Kemudahan Pembetungan Jabatan Perancangan Bandar dan Desa 2.0 msa
Higher Education In Regional & City Development OECD 3.0 eng
Hubungan Empayar Melaka-Dinasti Ming Abad ke-15 Liang Liji 9.6 msa
Information Technology As A Democratizing Agent Sonja L. Taylor 10.1 eng
Internationalizing Higher Education In Malaysia Tham Siew Yean 10.2 eng
Islam Pesisir Selat Melaka Evolusi Atau Migrasi Nik Hassan Shuhaimi Nik Abd. Rahman 3.7 msa
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Malaysian Industrial Relations & Employment Law Maimunah Aminuddin 22.4 eng
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Multiculturalism & higher education in Malaysia Rozita Ibrahim & Nazri Muslim & Ahmad Hidayat Buang 0.1 eng
Polis Dalam Sistem Keadilan Jenayah Di Malaysia Mohd Radzuan Haji Ibrahim 23.8 msa
Prinsip Perlembagaan & Pemerintahan Di Malaysia Dato' Mohamed Salleh B. Abas 26.9 msa
Singapore Media for Hans Bedrow Media Institute Cherian George 0.4 eng
Siri Kenali Negerimu Pulau Pinang Pulau Mutiara Looi Kam Fatt, Azmi Yusoff 5.0 msa
Siri Pembangunan Negara Koridor Raya Multimedia Jasiman Bin Ahmad 6.3 msa
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Syair Tantangan Singapura Abad Kesembilan Belas Muhammad Haji Salleh 6.8 msa
Syed Sheikhal-Hadi Cendekiadan Sasterawan Ulung Sohaimi Abdul Aziz 4.5 msa
Tan Sri Dato' Harun Mahmud Hashim-The Benchmark Zuraidah Omar 27.0 eng
The Malaysian Economy Developments & Challenges Denis Hew 0.7 eng
馬來(西)亞華文獨立中學教育之研究 venus lee 2.5 zho
A Visionary & His Vision Of Malaysia's K-Economy Mahathir Mohamad 39.2 eng
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Asia-Pacific Post-Beijing Implementation Monitor Asian & Pacific Development Centre 29.8 eng
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马来西亚私立高等教育评估认证制度研究 陈武元、薄云 0.2 zho
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谁定义的文学-以1976年南洋商报副刊为个案分析 曾维龙 2.1 zho
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A Study Of Institutional Evaluation Of Universities In Malaysia Ashari, Asarudin B. 9.9 eng
General Information & Structure Plan Policies State Of Kelantan Hajjah Norasiah bt. Haji Yahya 12.6 eng
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Malaysia Kita-Panduan Dan Rujukan Untuk Peperiksaan Am Kerajaan International Law Book Service 42.2 msa
Malaysia Pandangan Kritis-Esei Penghargaan Untuk Syed Husin Ali Muhammad Ikmal Said 23.9 msa
Mobiliti Sosial Perspektif Barat Dan Islam Dalam Novel Terpilih Shahnon Ahmad 3.9 msa
Munchulnya Semula Anchaman Kominis Bersenjata Di Malaysia Barat Jabatan Penyiaran 3.3 msa
Report Of The Seventh Asean Conference On Civil Service Matters Interim Secretariat 20.8 eng
Southeast Asian Studies In The Balance Reflections From America The Association For Asian Studies 30.1 eng
The Achinese & The Minangkabau Goodmark Malaysia History Series Sulaiman Zakaria 1.9 eng
Tun Abdul Razak Bin Dato' Hussein Dasar Luar Malaysia 1970-1976 Rozeman Abu Hassan 10.1 msa
从白小保校运动看马来西亚华人的政治参与形态 赵海立 0.5 zho
发展中国家农村教育补偿政策实施状况及其比较 张乐天 0.5 zho
马来西亚华文独立中学初中历史科教科书之分析 叶玉贤 2.2 zho
龜咯水上聚落適應海岸環境之空間模式發展研究 賴佳燕 18.7 zho
Siri Pembangunan Negara Pelbagai Dasar Sepanjang Kemajuan Negara Jasiman Bin Ahmad 6.2 msa
The Ethnic Factor In State-Labour Relations-The Case Of Malaysia Chris ROwley & Mhinder Bhopal 1.3 eng
The problem of the problem/case design in Problem-based learning 0.3 eng
马来西亚伊斯兰政党政治-巫统和伊斯兰党之比较 陈中和 380.6 zho
Community & Politics-The Chinese In Colonial Singapore & Malaysia Yen Ching-Hwang 29.9 eng
General Information & Structure Plan Policies State Of Terengganu Hajjah Norasiah bt. Haji Yahya 11.6 eng
International Conference On Islamic Economics In The 21st Century International Islamic University Malaysia 89.0 eng
Kegemilangan Islam Dan Kedaulatan Bangsa (Zaman Umno-Pas Bersatu) Abu Bakar Hamzah 13.9 msa
Special Quest The Detention In Malaysia Of An Ex-Cabinet Minister Aziz Ishak 14.4 eng
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Agenda Pembinaan Negara-Bangsa Malaysia Dalam Era Kebangkitan Asia Mohd. Yaakub Hj. Johari 14.7 msa
Exploring Access & Equity in Malaysia’s Private Higher Education Siew Yean Tham 0.2 eng
Kesan Sejarah Dan Tempat-Tempat Menarik Negeri Kelantan Darul Naim Mohamed Roselan Abdul Malek 4.2 msa
Kesan Sejarah Dan Tempat-Tempat Menarik Negeri Pahang Darul Makmur Mohamed Roselan Abd Malek 5.3 msa
Kesan Sejarah Dan Tempat-Tempat Menarik Negeri Terengga Darul Iman Mohamed Roselan Abd Malek 4.7 msa
Laporan Jawatankuasa Kabinet Mengkaji Perlaksanaan Dasar Pelajaran Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia 19.7 msa
Local Politics In Rural Malaysia-Patterns Of Change In Sungai Raya Marvin L. Rogers 13.6 eng
Majlis Raja-Raja Kedudukan Dan Peranan Dalam Perlembagaan Malaysia Abdul Aziz Bari 16.5 msa
Perjuangan Yang Belum Selesai-Dr. Mahathir Menangis Demi Bangsanya Mokhtar Petah 9.9 msa
Reforming Financial Sector & Promoting Capital Market Developement R Thillainathan 27.1 eng
马来西亚华文独立中学历史课本之分析(1975-1999) 李志贤 2.6 zho
Almanak Keputusan Pilihanraya Umum Parlimen & Dewan Undangan Negeri Anzagain 104.4 msa
Arau Beri Amaran Kepada UMNO-Pemimpin Kumpul Harta Rakyat Menderita Ahmadi Al-Aziz 6.9 msa
Kesan Sejarah Dan Tempat-Tempat Menarik Negeri Selangor Darul Ehsan Mohamed Roselan Abd Malek 6.9 msa
Kesan Sejarah Dan Tempat-Tempat Menarik Negeri Selangor Darul Ehsan Mohamed Roselan Abdul Malek 6.7 msa
Mahathir Anwar Konspirasi Reformasi Kopikasi Wangkasi Tak Ada Saksi Syed Hussein Alattas 20.7 msa
Pai Naa,The Story An English Woman's Survival In The Malayan Jungle Dorothy Thatcher 13.1 eng
Pengkisahan Sejarah Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman (BatuRoad) KualaLumpur Dato' Abdul Kadir bin Haji Sheikh Fadzir 1.2 msa
Pengkisahan Sejarah Kuala Lumpur Satu Dekad Penuh Cabaran 1946-1956 Pustaka Peringatan Kuala Lumpur, Arkib Negara Malaysia 0.9 msa
Privatization in Malysia: Regulation, Rent-Seeking & Policy Failure Jeff Tan 1.1 eng
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Tun Hamdan Sheikh Tahir-His Life & Times As Seen By Himself & Other Mohd. Nor Long 43.0 eng
吉隆坡國際機場與新加坡國 際機場的競爭策略分析 何勁舉 4.3 zho
试析20世纪80年代以来马来西亚华人总会组织的发展 郑达 0.9 zho
Akhbar Dan Kuasa (Perkembangan Sistem Akhbar Di Malaysia Sejak 1806) Mohd. Safar Hasim 68.2 msa
Circulars On Administrative Reforms In The Civil Service Of Malaysia Tan Sri Dato' Seri Ahmad Sarji 46.7 eng
Garis Panduan Kawasan Kolam Takungan Sebagai Sebahagian Tanah Lapang Jabatan Perancangan Bandar dan Desa 1.2 msa
Mahathir Administration-Leadership & Change In A Multiracial Society Chung Kek Yoong 8.5 eng
Menamai Syarikat, Bangunan, Kawasan Perumahan, Tempat Awam Dan Jalan Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka 4.6 msa
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Langkawi The Hub Of The Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand Growth Triangle Tenku Idris Tenku Hadi 10.6 eng
Locating Southeast Asia, Geographies Of Knowledge & Politics Of Space Paul H. Kratoska 26.7 eng
Stock Pricing In Malaysia-Corporate Financial & Investment Management Mohamed Ariff 31.7 eng
三星马来西亚的劳工处在国家与跨国企业的联盟之下 宋文扬 21.0 zho
华语与马来语的词汇交流—马来西亚文化融合的表现 洪丽芬 0.2 zho
马来西亚华巫大专生族群接触经验与族群印象之型塑 林开忠 0.9 zho
马来西亚福州歌谣钓鱼郎之内容书写与流传意义初探 黄文车 11.0 zho
马来西亚福州歌谣钓鱼郎之内容书写与流传意义相探 黄文车 11.0 zho
Dimensi Politik Melayu 1980-1990 Antara Kepentingan Dan Wawasan Bangsa Ahmad Atory Hussain 11.2 msa
Dimensi Politik Melayu 1980-1990-Antara Kepentingan Dan Wawasan Bangsa Ahmad Atory Hussain 14.1 msa
Garis Panduan Dan Piawaian Perancangan Kemudahan Golongan Kurang Upaya Jabatan Perancangan Bandar dan Desa 3.9 msa
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多元实践的困境-从种族政治的发展看华教运动的转变 房怡谅 3.3 zho
新加坡擴張型都會區的跨國發展 -IMDP 分析架構之檢証 于一新 1.7 zho
Malayan Chinese & China, Conversion In Identity Consciousness 1945-1957 Fujio Hara 13.0 eng
Pembangunan Di Malaysia Ke Arah Satu Kefahaman Baru Yang Lebih Sempurna Wan Mohd Nor Wan Daud 6.7 msa
Political & Commercial Considerations Relative To The Malayan Peninsula John Anderson 22.3 msa
Seminar & Forum Perdana Penghayatan Dan Pengukuhan Kemerdekaan Malaysia Kementerian Kebudayaan Kesenian Dan Pelancongan 84.2 msa
The Centralization Theme In Malaysia Federal-State Relations, 1957-1975 Robert O. Tilman 20.9 eng
The March 2008 General Election In Malaysia As A Historical Conjuncture Johan Saravanamuttu 1.6 eng
Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj-Dr. Mahathir Mohammad-Ke Arah Perpaduan Idris Tulis 34.6 msa
東南亞的「客家」意涵: 英殖民馬來亞的華人分類過程 黃靖雯 2.5 zho
Chinese Networks & Enterprise Development-Malaysian Investments In China Edmund Terence Gomez 0.9 eng
Gender Ideology & The Public Lives Of Malay Women In Peninsular Malaysia Abdullah, Noraini 15.3 eng
Social Relations Of Dependence In A Malay State Nineteenth Century Perak Patrick Sullivan 7.4 eng
Tun Abdul Razak A Phenomenon In Malaysian Politics-A Political Biography Paridah Abd. Samad 23.7 eng
对立与合作:马来西亚华人政党与伊斯兰党关系的演变 范若兰 1.0 zho
政治理性与东方智慧:邓小平、李光耀思维方式之比较 吕元礼 1.0 zho
族群政治与宗教暴力:马来西亚宗教多元论的实践困境 魏月萍 4.2 zho
氏族认同与母语教育:战后砂拉越地区华文中学之研究 曹淑瑶 11.8 zho
论新保守主义及其对美国东南亚外交与安全政策之影响 黄奎博 2.7 zho
马来西亚博特拉大学非华裔生汉语学习情况调查与分析 洪丽芬 0.4 zho
Industrial Growth, Employment & Foreign Investment In Peninsular Malaysia Lutz Hoffmann 24.6 eng
Japanese Army Inteligence Operationsin Southeast Asia During World War II F.Kikan 11.5 eng
Tunku Abdul Rahman & His Role In The Baling Talks (A Documentary History) Dr.Nik Anuar Nik Mahmud 7.9 eng
一個新村, 一種華人?--重建馬來(西)華人新村的集體回憶 潘婉明 0.7 zho
析东南亚地区主义的发展-从马来西亚与东盟关系的视角 张英姣、王作成 0.5 zho
Budaya Pantang Larang Dan Amalan Kesihatan Orang Asli Semenanjung Malaysia Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia 10.6 msa
Environmental Management Standards (ISO 14000)-Toward A Sustainable Future Universiti Putra Malaysia Press 27.1 eng
Jenayah Politik Kemerdekaan Pendedahan Rahsia Titik Tolak Kejatuhan Melayu Megat Terawis 5.7 msa
Penerapan Nilai Dan Budaya Kerja Cemerlang Dalam Pentadbiran Awam Malaysia Institut Tadbiran Awam Negara 26.5 msa
Chinese Politics In Malaysia A History Of The Malaysian Chinese Association Heng Pek Koon 24.8 eng
Peristiwa Almarhum Sultan Abu Bakar Di Ladang Ng Tiong Kiat Pada Tahun 1945 Lembaga Muzium 7.7 msa
冷战后印度尼西亚和马来西亚的马六甲海峡安全模式选择 张杰 0.3 zho
马来西亚外国留学生教育快速发展的拉力因素分析及启示 魏建华 3.6 zho
马来西亚柔佛古庙游神的演化及其与华人社会整合的关系 安焕然 0.5 zho
马来西亚的贸易政策:自由化过程、保护结构和改革议程 普雷马-詹德拉·阿图科拉拉 1.0 zho
Kena Adversative Passives in Malay, Funny Control & Covert Voice Alternation Hiroki Nomoto, Kartini Abd.Wahab 0.4 eng
The Underside Of Malaysian History-Pullers, Prostitutes, Plantation, Workers Peter J. Rimmer 24.4 eng
Traditionalism & The Ascendancy Of The Malay Ruling Class In Colonial Malaya Donna Jeanne Amoroso 14.4 eng
马来西亚语言规划之研究-单语政策与弱势语族诉求之冲突 周泽南 1.9 zho
Buku Panduan Mengenai Anugerah-Anugerah Negeri Sarawak & Peraturan Memakainya Pejabat Ketua Menteri 3.6 msa
Communication & Change-A Comparison Of Malay Women In Three Squatter Villages Hamina Dona Mustafa 7.0 eng
Kumpulan Kertas Kerja Seminar Penghayatan Dan Pengukuhan Kemerdekaan Malaysia Anjuran Arkib Negara Malaysia 29.5 msa
馬來西亞華人新村的社會與空間變遷研究─以拱橋新村為例 古燕秋 3.7 zho
马来西亚、香港、以色列等国家地区跨国高等教育比较研究 王剑波、薛天祥 0.7 zho
Kesan Sejarah Dan Tempat-Tempat Menarik Negeri Pulau Pinang Pulau Mutiara Timur Mohamed Roselan 4.9 msa
不一樣的路:馬來西亞關丹非華裔家長選擇華小的原因及困難 林坊玲 1.3 zho
馬來西亞人力發展與外人直接投資技術移 轉的關連性之研究 廖先立 0.7 zho
馬來西亞華人政治參與之研究-兼論華人政治上的地位與角色 侯政宏 0.3 zho
Markets vs. Government Foreign Direct Investment & Industrialization In Malaysia Bethuel Kinyanjui Kinuthia 1.0 eng
學校行政系統服務品質缺口之探討 -以馬來西亞獨立中學為例 練智雄 1.8 zho
建設或建構? 以新加坡「紅頭巾」為例探討女性與國家的關係 吳佩瑾 6.9 zho
東南亞次區域整合: 南成長三角與伊斯干達經濟特區個案研究 陳禹成 1.1 zho
Arahan Perkhidmatan Bab'1'-Bab'8'(Mengandungi Semua Pindaan Hingga 20hb Nov.1985) Legal Research Board 13.8 msa
Garis Panduan Dan Piawaian Perancangan-Taman Industri Teknologi Dan Rumah Pekerja Jabatan Perancangan Bandar dan Desa 3.0 msa
Social & Economic Correlates Of Female Labor Force Participation In West Malaysia Monica Skantze Fong 7.2 eng
Speeches By The Hon'ble The Deputy Prime Minister Tun Abd. Razak Bin Dato Hussein Mokhtar Bin Haji Shamsuddin 21.5 eng
新加坡之中央公積金制度之分析研究—一個全球化體系的觀點 陳昱名 0.5 zho
走向两线政党发展的族群政治马来西亚大选的几点观察与省思 宋镇照 0.4 zho
美國-新加坡自由貿易協定(USSFTA) 的政經分析及其對東協的意涵 黃子庭 0.6 zho
A Core Interest Analysis Of The Formation Of Malaysia & The Separation Of Singapore Charles Richard 19.0 eng
Mahathir & The Markets Globalisation & The Pursuit Of Economic Autonomy In Malaysia Mahathir & the Markets: Globalisation & the Pursuit of Economic Autonomy in Malaysia 1.4 eng
營建語言之空間書寫-以馬來民居為例 Spatial Writing by Malay Language 黃懋元 Maw Yuan-Ng 192.8 zho
Analysis Of Some Factors Influencing The Composition Of Higher Education In Malaysia Peter Alexander Bodora 9.0 eng
Early Identification Of Social-Emotional Competence Among Young Children In Malaysia Hasnah Toran 5.8 eng
Masyarakat Malaysia-Tinjauan Dan Perbincangan Terhadap Beberapa Isu Dan Topik Semasa Zuraina Majid 24.2 msa
身分认同竞争的平台论马来西亚两家网路媒体中的华裔国族话语 关志华 1.8 zho
马来西亚、香港、以色列等国家(地区)跨国高等教育比较研究 王剑波、薛天祥 0.7 zho
A Comparative Study Of The Cost Of Government & Private Secondary Schools In Malaysia Nor Shirin Md-Mokhtar 10.0 eng
Wajah Amanah Dan Wawasan-Biografi Ahli-Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Selangor 1999-2004] Unit Perhubungan Awam Negeri Selangor 17.0 msa
星洲媒體集團執行主席張曉卿與 商品化的馬來西亞華裔族群想像 未知 0.3 zho
爭取海外力量:中華民國外交、僑務、 黨務在新馬的運作(1945-1957) 黃辰濤 1.9 zho
論蔡明亮電影中的女性主義敢曝-以《洞》和《天邊一朵雲》為例 凃倚佩 1.3 zho
馬來西亞與新加坡族群政策之比較 -以馬哈迪與李光耀時期為例 吳雅芬 1.0 zho
偶然身為僑生: 戰後不同世代華裔馬來西亞人來台求學的身份認同 陳慧嬌 1.9 zho
影響東南亞五國經濟成長因素之研究 -以亞洲金融風暴後十二年為例 陳建甫 1.7 zho
馬來西亞婆羅洲沙巴低地雨林馬來熊 (Helarctos malayanus)之棲地利用 張書德 0.8 zho
Beyond The Barisan Nasional A Gramscian Perspective Of The 2008 Malaysian General Election Michael O’Shannassy 0.5 eng
馬來西亞跨國勞工政策與國族國家的雙重邏輯:發展主義與國族主義 張溦紟 3.2 zho
马来中心主义下的国族认同行销:对一个马来西亚广告的批判性思考 关志华 1.4 zho
Malaysia's Regime Of Labour Control & The Attempted Transition To A Knowledge Based Economy Donna Turner 1.9 eng
台灣、馬來西亞及新加坡醫療福利體制比較研究-一個歷史制度論初探 孫友聯 0.5 zho
看黄锦树小说鱼骸中龟之意象-反思马来西亚华人身份认同的心态转变 李晓珺 1.1 zho
Interracial Bridging Social Capital Among Students Of A Multicultural University In Malaysia Ezhar Tamam 0.5 eng
「神道設教」與海外華人地域社會的跨界與 整合:馬來西亞檳城的實例 高麗珍 1.2 zho
台灣的馬華「流離者」處境初探——以紀錄片《當我不存在就好》為例 吳文睿 1.5 zho
林玉玲在月白的脸:以为亚裔美国人的家园回忆录中跨国别身边的形成 莊祐綸 0.8 zho
從改制華文中學看國族建構: 馬來西亞雪州加影育華國民型中學個案研究 何秋梅 1.3 zho
多元族群社会下的华族母语高等教育: 马来西亚独立大学筹建的历史意义 曹淑瑶 8.3 zho
西馬來西亞華文報之發展與困境── 多族群環境中報紙角色和功能的轉變 黃招勤 1.1 zho
馬六甲華人歷史街區的空間構成 A Morphological Analysis of Chinese Old Town in Melaka 劉政寬 13.2 zho
五條港高腳漁村的聚落建構與空間形塑:一個馬來西亞華人移民社會的研究 許湘彩 24.2 zho
族群认同与宗教运动在国家政策的运用:初探马来西亚巫统文明伊斯兰运动 陈中和 1.7 zho
伊斯蘭復興運動與性別秩序實踐: 以馬來西亞「千依百順妻子俱樂部」為例 李威瀚 5.7 zho
公民社会在马来西亚:指日可待吗? ——读《马来西亚国家与社会的再造》 祝家丰 & 张继焦 0.2 zho
現代化背後的迷思:馬來西亞的兩性平權政策與政治菁英在公領域的性別歧視言論 黄嬿蓉 3.1 zho
能源政策對原油價格與棕櫚油價格關聯性的影響 - 以棕櫚油主要產出國馬來西亞為例 吳佩欣 1.3 zho
The New International Division of Labour in Asian Electronics: Work Organization & Human Resources in Japan & Malaysia Barry Wilkinson 0.1 eng
马来西亚廉价花园聚落中的空间与族群关係:柔佛州新山县茉莉花花园的个桉研究 (1987-2007) 白伟权、陈国川 2.7 zho
馬來西亞教師性知識、性態度及性教育實施現況研究- 以吉打州雙溪大年區華小華裔教師為例 周淑和 3.6 zho